The Old Hat Club

One of the great thing about supper clubs is getting to peek inside other peoples houses. Sadly, attending a Sunday lunch at The Old Hat Club in Angel will just leave you with total real estate envy. That Old Victorian terrace. The huge, shiny kitchen. The beautiful back garden. The pizza oven. Yes, you heard me they even have a huge wood fired pizza oven in the garden. The club certainly took advantage of the oven throughout the meal, and as soon as we arrived we were served served piping hot swirls of pastry and black pudding sprinkled with Parmesan as we stood in the garden and chatted. The drink of choice for the day was Prosecco Riccardo who supplied the drinks for the supper club that day. The club teamed our wood fired oven nibbles with cocktails made from prosecco, strawberries and hint of fiery black pepper.
Black pudding pastry
This was only the second time The Old Hat Club had been run, but there was clearly an experienced team in the kitchen. After cocktails and chat we were seated for the first course of scrowlers. Scrowlers is what the Cornish call sardines and as these were Cornish sardines, that was what we called them. Plus we just liked saying the word scrowler. They were big meaty sardines with a faint smoky smell from being roasted in the wood fired oven. Stuffed with herbs and served on tomato bruschetta this dish was really Mediterranean with a fresh, summery feel to it. The accompanying Riccardo Prosecco Vino Tranquilo tasted of pears and was served in wine glasses as it was bubble free. This was a real favourite of mine and proved to be a really interesting drink, almost a cross between a wine and a prosecco.
Scrowlers on toast
As The Old Hat Club is a Sunday supper club, what could be better on a Sunday than a roast. The roast on offer was pork belly that had been slow cooked in milk and a tarragon sauce Italian style and then scorched under the grill to crisp up the crackling. It was served with a puree of butternut squash which had been slow cooked in the wood oven and acted as a sweet foil to the pork and some fantastic crisp and fluffy goose fat roasted potatoes. The only thing that let the dish down slightly was the crackling was a bit too crackly and erred on the side of burnt rather than crisp.

Roast pork belly
To finish there was a Moroccan citrus tart with frozen yoghurt. There was quite a delay before this arrived but the tart was smooth and light with just enough acidic tang from the citrus to keep things interesting. This was paired with Riccardo Cartizze a creamy and dry prosecco which is made with the most precious grapes in the region, grown on land that is worth over €1m. If your view of prosecco is as champagnes poor cousin, this could be the drink to change your mind. As a little parting gift we received ginger and cherry florentine biscuits. Of course they never made it home.
Moroccan tart
I was sad to leave The Old Hat Club and return to my flat which seemed a little small given it does not have either a garden or a wood fired pizza oven (I am very deprived clearly!) The club is a welcome addition to the London supper club scene and is the perfect place for a leisurely Sunday lunch. At £30 and free corkage it is pretty well priced in comparison to other supper clubs were you have to pay for corkage. The only downside was slow service but given that we were all there for a leisurely Sunday lunch anyway, it didn’t really affect our enjoyment of the afternoon.
Damage: Reasonable – £30 and no corkage
Gourmet Chick was a guest of Prosecco Riccardo. Other bloggers in attendance included The London Foodie, Vintage Macaron, The Wine Sleuth, The Scrag End and Eat Like a Girl. Thanks to Intoxicating Prose for his organisation.
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  1. Must tell Mr P that I need a pizza oven.
    Love the presentation of the black pudding, how original.

  2. Great to hear good things about this new supper club. Sounds like they know what they’re doing !
    From the point of view of a supper club hostess, people seem very hesitant to offer constructive feedback, preferring instead to tell you how great it was, so hopefully it’s helpful to the Old Hat club to see your comments.

  3. Total pleasure to have you over, thanks for write up of the flat – can you mark this out of 10? It would mean a lot to me.

    For your lunch we cooked pretty much everything using year seasoned English oak – which imparts some awesome flavours but is a natural product in terms of heat – finding a consistent wood mark 5 is a dream mine!

    Very pleased with the 7//10 and great to get some feedback. Our £30 per head cost includes what we hope is one of the best value food experiences in London. Not pretentious, just funky, well executed from-the-heart food served by friends.

    We are a supper club, and none of us are professionals so good to see that we can rival some of your restaurant reviews! I see Chez Bruce hit 8/10 – hilarious. I think we can take them!

    Thanks loads look forward to seeing you here again.

  4. A supperclub in my nbhd – how fun. I wonder if it’s the people across the street from us bc they’re always cooking something that smells good. 🙂 Probably not if it’s a Victorian terrace, though. My area is mostly Georgian terrace.

  5. Oh this looks just so cool. Supperclubs have yet to make it to Melbourne (there was rumours of secret dining club a while back), hopefully they will arrive soon! The food looks great too.

  6. The Moroccan tart looks divine. Mmmmhhhh………

  7. Heavenly Housewife – yes every house must have one!

    LexEat – Would have loved to go to your supper club – are you starting it up again soon?

    Tim – The flat was totally a 10! I had a great time and really enjoyed The Old Hat club. Giving a score out of 10 is hard to do but lots of people find it useful – as you say a 7 is pretty up there – Old Hat/Chez Bruce – what can I say.

    American in London – you have rolled me on my lack of architectural knowledge – could very well have been a Georgian terrace but I thought it was Victorian!

    JetSetting Joyce – Really? I read an article that said they were happening in Sydney. Can’t believe there are none in Melbourne. Perhaps there should be a Melb Hot or Not supper club?

    David Constable – It was

  8. Lovely review, as usual. Thank you very much for the mention as well!!! Was lovely to meet you. x

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