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A good friend of mine always used to say: “The sign of a good cook is a good shopper”. My friend is an excellent cook but not really much of a baking or a desserts person and so any meal at her house would finish with baklava from the shop down the road or a store bought pudding. The rest of her cooking was so brilliant that no-one ever minded when she “cheated” on desserts.

Clearly not my kitchen (I wish) this is the one you could win
Aunt Bessie’s is the latest sponsor of Gourmet Chick and it has got heaps of cheats for cooks. From frozen vegies to premade puddings. It is all about convenience but the ultimate convenience is the competition Aunt Bessie’s is running where you can win an entire new kitchen from Ikea. The kitchen is worth a whopping £8,000 and all you have to do is head over to the Aunt Bessie’s website and fill out your details.
So is the sign of a good cook a good kitchen?

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  1. Oh come on, I can’t agree, lol. My kitchen sucks.. it’s a little dark corner in the back cove of the living room without a window and just enough space to spin around with a pot. Yet my food is complimented.. 🙂

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