The Fish Place

The Fish Place is so brand spanking new that you can almost smell the paint on the walls. Even right in the middle of the new build apartment blocks in Battersea this restaurant stands out as being particularly new. In fairness, The Fish Place has only been open for a week when I visit and our amiable waiter Ahmed tells me it only got its liquor licence the day before. This goes some way to explaining why on a Saturday lunchtime there are only two other diners.

Seafood linguine
We take advantage of the liquor licence and order two glasses of an almost creamy Portugese white wine and settle in. The restaurant is still so new and shiny with lots of granite, hard lines and pops of bright lime green and purple that it lacks a cosy, welcoming feel. However, given the amazing views over the Thames from almost every seat, you don’t have to spend much time looking around the restaurant.
The outside of The Fish Place
All the fish served is from Cornwall and while there are some non seafood options on the menu, why would you bother ordering them in a restaurant called The Fish Place. The menu encourages you to order up with the dinner menu offering two courses for £37.50, three courses for £45 or a six course tasting menu for £55. However at lunch there is a much more purse friendly deal of £15 for two courses.
Inside The Fish Place
To start, Cornish crab claw and all on a salad of water cress, avocado and a tangy brown crab mayonnaise. The dish pops with freshness. Equally luxurious is the celeraic soup which is dense and creamy and finished with a flourish of finely sliced truffles.
Sea bream fillet is pan fried to a crisp skinned finish and sympathetically teamed with herby crushed potatoes dressed with olive oil. It’s a simple and honest dish. Less successful is the clam and prawn linguine which is packed with plenty of seafood but suffers from a greasy finish.
Celeraic soup
On the sweeter side of the spectrum, the desserts are great and cost an extra £8.50 each. The caramalised fig cheesecake tastes as good as its name sounds with the bitter caramel sauce contrasting with the soft, creamy cheesecake and super sweet figs. However it is the apple and cinnamon souffle that draws the most gasps with its billowing clouds of air which crumble upon contact with the accompanying tart strawberry sauce.
Sea bream
The Fish Place lacks a bit of atmosphere at the moment and conversation can feel stilted over the movie theme tune musak which the restaurant plays. However, the food is fantastic and an absolute bargain if you eat at lunch time.
Caramalised fig cheese-cake
Details: The Fish Place, Bridges Wharf, Bridges Court Road Battersea, Battersea Sw113GY (Ph 020 70950 410)
Damage: Reasonable
Gourmet Chick was a guest of The Fish Place.
Apple and cinnamon souffle
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  1. How are you always a step ahead of me 😉 I’m heading that way this Friday evening and am looking forward to some fresh seafood! The seafood linguine looks particularly appealing and I have been craving some pasta lately…

  2. That looks like great food and I agree, why would you order anything but fish at a fish specialist!

  3. Mmmm, looks wonderful, I’d love to try the sea bream fillet.

  4. Looks wonderful – and lovely pictures.

  5. That cheesecake is especially impressive. All the food looks good although I can’t help feeling it would taste even better with a Cornish breeze up your nostrils!

  6. I was there last Friday and really enjoyed my meal (we went for the tasting menu). I should have gone at lunch time though, your pictures are so much nicer than mine. I read your description of the sea bream fillet a couple of times thinking that I had missed the bit when the chef turned it into a soup! (Duh!)

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  7. The view looks gorgeous- but I probably wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away from that souffle- that photo is fantastic 🙂

  8. I love this place

  9. Catty – Hope you enjoy your meal

    Lorraine – MTV boyfriend did order the celeraic soup but I let him get away with that…

    Anna – It was really well cooked

    Sybarite – It was, thank you.

    Sarah – seafood does always taste the best that way

    The London Foodie – What was the tasting menu like?

    Tori – Yes the souffle was great

    Anon – Thanks

  10. i have been that place lately. the food and the service was amazing. definatelly i will go there again.

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