St Anton (Gourmet Chick in Austria)

I am writing this post with difficulty thanks to breaking my thumb while skiing in St Anton. I guess if you are going to break a bone a thumb is better than a leg. Still, I am now sporting an attractive cast and both writing and typing are a challenge. It wasn’t all bad news in St Anton though, the mountain scenery was stunning, the sun was shining for the whole weekend and the aprés ski scene had to be seen to be believed. Those Austrians know how to enjoy themselves.

Mountains surrounding St Anton
Cafe Haferl
This was our regular breakfast spot, a cheery cafe right on St Anton’s main street. The cafe is cosy with walls lined with wood and displaying vintage ski photographs. If you get there before 10am there is a breakfast deal of juice, coffee and toast for €6 but a better option was the omelette (€5) filled with melted cheese and shredded ham and served with a crusty bread roll.
Details: Dorfstraße 20, 6580 St. Anton, Austria (Ph +43 (5446) 3988)
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve
Cafe Haferl breakfast omlette
It is almost impossible to think of a restaurant which more embodies a typical Austrian ski lodge than Fuhrmannstube. The walls are wood panelled, the staff jolly and the food hearty. The menu features classic mountain fodder of thin, crisp bread crumbed Wiener schnitzel (€17.60) and dark, glossy goulash served with butterspatzle which is an Austrian noodle (€13.90). One tip is to avoid the salads, they come slathered in mayonnaise.
Details: Dorfstraße 74, 6580 St. Anton, Austria (Ph +43 (5446) 2921)
Damage: Reasonable
Goulash at Fuhrmannstube
Testa Rossa
Testa Rossa cafe was not the worst way to satisfy cravings for cheap and filling Italian fare post ski slope. Testa Rossa is part of an Austrian chain which also has one outpost in London. I will not be visiting the London branch anytime soon but the simple bruschettas and pizzas were inoffensive enough.
Details: Testa Rossa caffèbar, Dorfstraße 58, 6580 St. Anton, Austria (Ph +43 (5446) 29685)
Damage: Reasonable
Schnitzel at Fuhrmannstube
Gourmet Travel Tips
We stayed at the Walter Klimmer apartments which were basic but in an excellent location right next to the lifts and very cheap for a ski resort. The apartments also have a great boots and ski room with a boot dryer so your ski boots are always nice and toasty warm in the morning.
Details: Walter Klimmer, Dorfstraße 34, A-6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria (Ph +43(5446)2435)
Damage: A bargain for a ski resort. Double rooms from €100 and single rooms from €40. Breakfast not included.
Pizza at Testa Rossa
  • Other things to do in St Anton are (obviously) skiing and exploring the great bars. In particular the Mooserwirt and Krazy Kanguruh have to be seen to be believed. Both bars which are part of the way down the home run see everyone dancing in their ski boots on the tables by about 6pm at night.
  • We flew with Swiss Air from London City to Zurich and drove from there. Flights were about £250 return. A closer option would be to fly to Innsbruck.
If you liked reading this you might be interested in my recommendations for Vienna or tips for another ski resort, Sestiere.


  1. Ouch! Get well soon! I guess you have to seek solace in the food instead.

  2. Sorry to hear about the thumb. I didn’t see any typos in the post:) Food looks great

  3. Oh my, get well soon! The food looks delicious by the way… that omlette is exactly what I was longing for yesterday morning – instead, I only had cookies !

  4. Oh no! How many days in did the injury happen? Have heard that the apres scene in St Anton is quite fun- this just helps confirm it. It’s next on the list!

  5. Hope your thumb recovers quickly and that you have an epic story about how you were pulling some insane freestyle moves through a mogul field and then whilst inverted caught your thumb and broke it.

  6. Sorry about your thumb, that’s exactly the reason I stopped skiing! (well and the fact that I don’t like the cold, I am a bad Austrian).
    The Wiener Schnitzel looks good, it’s such a delicious dish when done well.

  7. Eep, get well soon! All that food looks delicious. 🙂

  8. Mr Noodles- exactly what I did

    Katherina – It was a good omlette -although cookies sound good as well for breakfast!

    Tori – Happened on the first day but you can still ski with it. Yes the apres ski there is brilliant

    Jonathan – I hate to admit it was on a blue run!

    Ute – You are a bad Austrian! And yes the schnitzel was excellent.

    Moofy- Thanks

  9. Great guide, thanks for the info

  10. Paul – Hope it helps – food info on ski resorts is a bit thin on the ground I find!

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