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I’ve never had the cash or inclination to join a private members club. Besides the huge fees charged I like trying out new and different places rather than being locked in to one venue. That said I can’t deny the exclusive appeal when friends have wangled me in to Milk & Honey or Soho House. From the people behind Milk & Honey, The East Room (which burnt down) and Giant Robot, comes Tiny Robot, which opened late last year in Bayswater. The restaurant itself is open to the public but the bar below, The Starland Social Club, is only open to Rushmore House members.

Inside Tiny Robot
Tiny Robot perches on a corner of Westbourne Grove and cheery yellow formica tables and tiled green walls give you the feeling of being in an American diner. The similarities don’t stop with the look of the place with, Tiny Robot offering an American style all day menu which kicks off with a Brooklyn Breakfast (£9.80). Since brunch is one of my favourite meals in America I decided it would be the best time to visit Tiny Robot, despite being tempted by the meatballs on the menu for the evening.
Orange juice
The orange juice doesn’t taste like it is freshly squeezed, but in compensation the waiter does bring lots of tap water refills and there is a stack of newspapers and magazines to browse while you wait for food. A side of mushrooms (£1.80) is a bargain sized serving with all the earthy flavour of good pan fried mushrooms dressed with a slick of olive oil. The intriguingly titled Cotechino Hash arrives as a pile of potato hash, served with rocket (which is described as aragula on the menu), salsa verde and topped with a poached egg. The potato hash is well seasoned but the egg is not cooked enough, leaving the white almost as runny as the yolk.
Admittedly, my exploration of the menu was pretty limited but I think there are better brunch options nearby. As for the bar downstairs? I have no idea since I don’t have that essential and sought after membership card.
Cotechina hash
Details: Tiny Robot, 78 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RT (Ph 020 7065 6814)
Damage: Reasonable
If you liked reading this you might be interested in this review of nearby Raoul’s which is a great breakfast choice or you could make your own potato rosti with smoked salmon.


  1. I am happy and sad at your review – happy because we went to the soft opening of Tiny Robot for dinner and were SO disappointed. I loved the idea and the decor made me feel that they imported the place from NY. The food was expensive with small portions. We bought a pizza on the way home.

    I am sad that they have not improved over the past few months. You can forgive a few mistakes at a soft opening but after several months you would expect the chef to know how to poach an egg.

    Thanks for the review, now we don’t have to waste our money trying out the brunch.

  2. All sounds very “meh” although I still want to try out the meatball sandwiches at Giant Robot.

  3. I was interested when I saw this on twitter as I wanted to see if it was related to Giant Robot… It is. But suffice to say I won’t be going to Bayswater when I come back to London

  4. Ugh, sorry for the daft experience. It looks so promising. At least the mushrooms were good?

  5. I really like the look of the place, to bad the food was not up to scratch.
    *kisses* HH

  6. I went to giant robot the other day in Clerkenwell!

    lovely blog – I’m following!

    would love you to enter my amazing giveaway for a free meal at IDA restaurant:



  7. Viviana – Interesting to hear you were also unimpressed at the soft opening – thanks for your feedback.

    Greedy Diva – They have those at Tiny Robot as well and I have to admit they sound good.

    Tom – Yes other places should be a higher priority I think

    Thats London – The mushrooms were quite good actually.

    HH – I loved the look of the place as well, I really wanted to like it but sadly the food did not meet the grade.

    Milly – Interested to know what you thought of Giant Robot.

  8. Those mushrooms look as good as any steak. Private members clubs do not appeal to me though. Tiny Robot is cool name though.

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