How to make a Pimm’s

Finally it is officially English summer time! Admittedly the temperatures don’t feel too summery yet in London, but that did not stop Pimm’s hosting a Pimm’s Summer Garden Party on the weekend. You have to love the optimism of the English.

Original recipe Pimm’s
There was Pimm’s of every variety on offer at the party with Pimm’s and ginger ale (quite a winning combination), Pimm’s and pomengranate and even Pimm’s Royale champagne cocktails to toast the official winding forward of the clocks to summer time. I enjoyed my first barbecue of the year, hosted in typically freezing conditions in the garden outside, and drew even greater pleasure from the cart of desserts. Four poofs and a piano entertained the crowd and Henry Holland did a DJ set. Sartorially challenged MTV boyfriend had to be convinced that Henry Holland was actually a famous fashion designer.
Pimm’s staff at the party
The weather may not have come to the party, but sipping on a Pimm’s I did feel that summer was well on its way. Pimm’s is my drink of choice (after champagne of course) in summer time. I can remember ordering a Pimm’s in Australia a few years ago and being very disappointed with the resulting drink which was filled with ice and a single desultory slice of orange. Since I have been living in London I have learnt that Pimm’s is all about the accompaniments. It is not a Pimm’s without half a cucumber, a punnet of strawberries and an entire bunch of mint adorning the drink as well.
Profiteroles on the dessert cart
With this in mind here is my recipe for a summer Pimm’s. I make it stronger than the recommended Pimm’s to lemonade ratio as at only 25 per cent alcohol you can afford to be a little heavy handed with the Pimm’s. I would also recommend always mixing Pimm’s up in jugs rather than in individual glasses as it tends to disappear quite quickly so you don’t want to spend your whole day mixing drinks.
Red velvet cup cakes on the dessert cart
1 bottle of Pimm’s
1 bottle of lemonade
2 cucumbers cut into strips
1 punnet of strawberries halved
1 orange halved and sliced thinly
1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
No need to buy pre mixed Pimm’s when they are so easy to make yourself!
1. Fill a jug with ice then add one third Pimm’s to two thirds lemonade
2. Mix in the fruit and mint leaves and serve.

Gourmet Chick was a guest of Pimm’s at the Pimm’s Summer Party.

If you liked reading this you might be interested in recipes for some good picnic foods to accompany your Pimm’s drinking like roasted pumpkin, bacon and fetta frittata or courgette fritters with mint and yoghurt sauce.


  1. Talking about arrival of summer it snowed this morning in Stockholm. Agree with being heavy handed with Pimms

  2. Pimms and red velvet cupcakes? What a combo!!

  3. First Pimms of the summer in March?! I like your style! With the clocks just gone forward it’s time to bring on the Great British summertime

  4. I went to a BBQ where the host made his own Pimm’s from scratch i.e. he bought a bottle of Gin and mixed it with other stuff. It was rocket fuel!

    Although it doesn’t sit well with the image I like to portray (Guinness, red wine & vodka are my tipples – not in the same glass I hasten to add) I do love Pimm’s in summer!

  5. Bring on summer. And totally agreed; it’s all about the accessories.

  6. I fell deeply, madly & forever in love with Pimms this summer. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted it before., to imagine my delight with a Pimms Cocktail.

  7. I do love pimms, but it’s like squash. You need a good glug of gin in there to keep it company.

  8. Three cookies – Oh no! March is far too late for snow

    London Rob – Very decadent

    The Little Loaf – A little keen perhaps but I enjoyed it

    Mr Noodles – Aha a closet Pimm’s drinker I see.

    Tori – Yes accessories for drinks and us!

    Anna-Such a great discovery to make…

    Lizzie – I like your style

  9. The only time I worked a bar of any kind was for Walthamstow Village Summer Garden Party and we only offered 3 drinks; wine, beer and pimms. It was so hot that everyone was knocking back Pimms at high speed and I couldn’t make the damn jugs of the stuff fast enough, and had to keep sending people to run down to supermarket to buy more bottles of it. I must have served 40 jugs full of Pimms at least that afternoon. Oh what I would have given to sit back and enjoy one myself!!

  10. Sarah – Yes they can get quite time intensive to make – that is why jugs are always a good idea rather than making them by the glass. 40 jugs is a LOT you poor thing!

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