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In headline news for Melburnians in London and lovers of coffee generally, the famed Melbourne coffee shop, St Ali, has opened a London out post. Located in Farringdon, just at the corner of Clerkenwell road and St John street, St Ali is joining the increasing flood of cool new eateries in the area. The cafe is very “Melbourne” from the slick space, obsessive coffee focus, coffee art and complimentary water and newspapers.
The front window at St Ali
This space looks amazing with a huge roasting machine towering over a large wooden island bench where the baristas are at work and a living wall of plants lining one wall. I almost felt cooler just by being there. Crucially though, the coffee was great.
The roasting machine dominates the rear of the shop
I tried the house blend “champion” in a latte (£2.50). It is blended from three coffees (on my visit 60 per cent Brazillian, 30 per cent Guatemalan and 10 per cent Rwandan) to create a heart-stopping caffeine hit. For serious coffee connisseurs St Ali also serves coffee in different styles such as siphoned and aero pressed. However you go about your coffee, it is roasted, blended and cupped (tasted) at St Ali and the love and attention shows in the finished brew. My coffee had a slightly wonky coffee art leaf pattern but it was temperate, strong and delivered on taste.
My latte
St Ali also does food with a plate full of fat brownies and blondies (£2 each) sitting on the counter and a menu which offers breakfast and more substantial options as well. My dark chocolate brownie was a monster and while slightly drier than I usually prefer my brownies it went well with the bitterness of the coffee. I didn’t get to try out any more of the menu on this visit as I was on my way to dinner, but I will be back for the scrambled eggs with Forman and Son smoked salmon (£8) and the amazing sounding breakfast bruschetta (£8).
Welcome to London St Ali, I am pretty excited about your arrival.
The brownies and blondies
Details: St Ali, 27 Clerkenwell Road, Farringdon EC1M 5RN (Ph 07780 112631) Tube: Farringdon
Damage: Reasonable
I can’t really rate the food but will give the coffee a 9/10
The living wall at the rear of the shop
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  1. I had to favourite this tweet/post straight away because even though I’m not from London I’d heard of St Ali! I’m not a coffee drinker but the bf loves it so I’m sending him right there 🙂

  2. I LOVE St Ali – can’t wait to try it out in London. Here’s hoping they do the corn fritters and relish. And the lamb pizza.

  3. This makes me SO HAPPY! Can’t wait to try!!! x

  4. Ooh, this place sounds great! Must give it a try.

  5. Sounds great. I’m a coffee lover myself and have heard a lot about this place… and it seems reasonably priced too. Thanks for the review.

  6. Is this in that old Vietnamese-Norwegian restaurant space? Trying to picture where it is at St John & Clerkenwell?

  7. I am so excited! I love the Melbourne St Ali, and this one is right around the corner. Heading there right now…

  8. Just visited St Ali, having heard about it at the Coffee Festival on Brick Lane last weekend. The cold coffee was fantastic; easily the best I’ve tried. Not to bitter and you’re right about the thorough caffine hit! Can’t comment on whether the coffee art has improved though. It’s yet to get it’s liscence, but will serve an interesting looking though quite short selection of wine and beers apparently until 2am. The guy who owned it was there, and said they’re planning on making there on muffins and pastries to go and starting live music and dj nights. Seemed slightly scatty at the moment, but definite promise!

  9. Catty – you will love it – it is coffee Australian style with an extra dose of Melbourne

    Greedy Diva – fingers crossed

    Food for think – Am sure you will love it

    Skirmish of wit – Let me know how you go

    Jane – It is a good place for coffee lovers

    Krista – not sure, you will have to check it back when you are back in London. A shame it opened in your hood once you left!

    Butters- Let me know what you think

    Anon – Great to hear you enjoyed your visit. Yes looks like they have big plans as there is an upstairs and everything

  10. I guess I know where we’re going the first Saturday we’re back in London. The Hungry One will be thrilled. Many many thanks for the heads up!

  11. I’ve been back a couple of times now – coffee is great, breakfast looks fantastic. Could potentially become my new Caravan.

  12. Tori – Hope you enjoy it

    Butters – Good to hear, I am looking forward to testing out the breakfast menu – and lunch!

  13. Hell damn I am excited about the coffee in London when I get back. Both this and new Prufrock. Thanks for the tip

  14. I’ll be sure to check this place out when I visit London again

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