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In a bold move the owners of Me Me restaurant have chosen not to open it on Kingsland road. Me Me is located as far away as possible from East London (or so it seems) in Fulham and I went there with American in London, Eat Noodles Love Noodles, Tamarind and Thyme and Chopstix to Steak Knifes to see if a Vietnamese restaurant could really survive outside the hallowed turf of Kingsland road.

Summer rolls
It took the five of us just one dish to decide the answer was a resolute no. Sure Me Me looked the part with its no frills decor and bare wooden tables. However sadly all the energy which had been saved on the look and feel of the restaurant had not been diverted into the food.
There were some dishes that are worth mentioning. The pho (£6.50) at Me Me was excellent. The pungent broth had great depth and there was just the right amount of bouncy noodles, fatty beef and mint. Aubergine noodle salad (£6.50) also brilliant showcasing the classic Thai sweet and sour combinations in a salad of slippery noodles and silky aubergine.

Beef pho
However, the rest of the dishes lacked the same care and attention to detail and made us question what we had just crossed town for.
Aubergine salad
Summer rolls (£3.90) were beautifully presented and had a great crisp taste however I was not impressed to discover lurid pink artificial crab stick within the rice paper wrapping. Chicken wings (£5) were also tough and inedible.
Golden pancake
The golden pancake (£6.50) was a light on its stuffing of bean sprouts, prawns and pork and none of the individual elements of the dish impressed.
I love a great cheap and cheerful Vietnamese restaurant but unfortunately Me Me is not one of those. Some dishes such as the pho were done very well but the majority disappointed.


Details: Me Me, 565 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1ES (Ph: 020 7381 1100) Tube: Fulham Broadway
Damage: Reasonable


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  1. A bit of a bummer really, as the pho is very good. I still can’t quite comprehend how the same kitchen can deliver decent pho yet fail so badly on the most of the other dishes.

  2. I miss Victoria Street.

  3. Maybe change name from me me to no no, or maybe maybe

  4. Oh what a shame, some places don’t care about decor but do great food. Shame it wasn’t one of those.

  5. Those summer rolls look pretty odd.

    I don’t think Kingsland Road is THE go-to places for Vietnamese anymore; not with the likes of Cafe East and the Vietnamese places in Deptford around.

  6. Those chicken wings…. sigh. They really were the worst chicken wings I’d ever come across.

    But yes, the pho was good!

  7. Oh dear – it’s a shame that they didn’t up their game if they were going to open another restaurant!

    Lizzie – what’s your favourite Vietnamese in Deptford?

  8. crabsticks in summer rolls, looks awful! I haven’t found a good Vietnamese in West London yet. Saigon Saigon in Baron’s Court is ok, but no comparison to Kingsland Road.

  9. @Lizzie, while I agree Kingsland Road isn’t the only place in London to get good Vietnamese food, it is still pretty hard to beat, generally. All that competition! Has to be a good thing.

    Definitely can’t say the same about this lone place in Fulham. Gourmet Chick summarized the experience perfectly.

  10. This isn’t far from me so was really excited to see you reviewing a Fulham restaurant…but sounds like it was pretty disappointing. What a shame.

  11. Have you tried Le Gia in Deptford? Better than Cafe east I think!

  12. Mr Noodles – Yes very deceptive – not your fault at all as that pho was great

    Greedy Diva – Ditto

    Three Cookies – I like it!

    Lorraine – Yes usually my type of place…

    Lizzie – Where do you recommend in Deptford?

    Su- Lin – They were horrible!

    Food for Think – Yes it was disappointing

    Ute – We are deprived over this end of town…

    An American in London – Will we see a post from you on No No for Me Me?!

    The Little Loaf – Yes sorry but no thumbs up for this place from me

    Huong – Thanks for the tip, no I have not so will have to try and check it out

  13. Shame about the rest as the pho was good! Guess I’ll be sticking to the East till we find the next West discovery. =)

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  15. Me Me Restaurant in Fulham deeply disappointed with the food and especially with the service. Waitress mannerism was cold, rude and not at all friendly and welcoming. Never shall I go to that restaurant again. Overall very poor reputation for food and service.

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