Torontini Nights

Ever had a Torontini?  It’s a lethal combination of vanilla vodka, blueberry vodka, blue curacao, sirop de gomme and grenadine.  It was the signature drink on the night the team from Toronto Tourism were in London showcasing the great food and drink that the Canadian city has to offer.

Lobster poutine

To give their guests a taste of Toronto’s skyscraper lined skyline Toronto Tourism hired out Altitude 360 black which is on the top floor of the Millbank tower and has a spectacular view over London.  The room itself is a little 80’s with shiny black tiled floors but they manage to get away with it as everyone is too busy staring out the window to notice.

Sun dried tomato topped bread to accompany the gazpacho

The menu for the evening featured dishes inspired by some of Toronto’s top restaurants.  To start a deep ruby red gazpacho topped with a dollop of pesto and teamed with a crusty piece of sun dried tomato baguette.  This was based on a dish by C5 Restaurant Lounge in Toronto and was refreshing fare for the warm summery night.


During my trip to Canada I got to sample some fantastic Canadian lobster so I was delighted with the butter braised lobster poutine inspired by Luma restaurant in Toronto.  Poutine is a distinctly Canadian dish which traditionally comprises french fries, and fresh cheese curds covered with brown gravy or sauce.  The lobster version was obviously a lot more luxurious and used cheese curds and butter to make a rich sauce for the lobster.

Butter tart

We finished with a shot of ice wine and a butter tart inspired by the St Lawrence Market.  The tart was infused with maple and rosemary and then sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds giving it an interesting sweet and savoury twist.

Torontini Nights was a great way to experience some of Toronto’s top restaurants without ever leaving London.  However I am not convinced the Torontinis themselves will catch on given after only one cocktail I was nearly under the table.

Gourmet Chick was a guest of Toronto Tourism

Details: Altitude 360 Black, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank London, SW1P 4QP (+44 (0)904 679 0379) Tube: Pimlico

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  1. Looks like a fun event although the cocktails do sound a little lethal…and I’m not a massive fan of blue curacao – reminds me of being a teenager drinking lurid concoctions from friends’ parents’ drinks cabinets!

  2. Sounds like fun – I’m really quite fond of uber strong cocktails! We don’t see a lot of Canada in London so definitely interesting!

  3. I love the food in Canada-it’s so diverse! 😀

  4. The Little Loaf – Yes I am also quite wary of blue curacao from previous bad experiences as a teenager!

    Hanna – Fun but dangerous…

    Lorraine – Yes I seem to remember you have been there a few times so have probably seen quite a bit of it.

  5. I am about to visit Toronto and I am looking for some great gourmet places to try there. I am glad to find out about these tips and I can’t wait to check many of the renowned gourmet food stores in Toronto. The city seems to be a paradise for foodies, I am excited to take a gourmet tour around there!

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