48 hours in Dubrovnik (Gourmet Chick in Croatia)

Like most people who live in Notting Hill, when the Notting Hill Carnival is on I get as far away as possible.  I have been to the Carnival once and had a great time but living in the middle of it for three days with a sound stage outside your bedroom window is not particularly fun.  This year MTV boyfriend and I made it as far away as Croatia and Montenegro for a jam packed long weekend.  Tips on Montenegro coming up in a later post.

Dubrovnik old town walls

We flew into Dubrovnik, with its perfectly preserved walled old town perched on the edge of the dazzling azure Adriatic sea.  The old town is crawling with tourists but is still undeniably beautiful and when the heat and crowds get too much there is always the sea to escape to.

Konoba Ekvinocijo
You almost have to be lost to find this small, family run eatery in the Old Town.  It serves up Croatian fare which means lots of seafood and local sausages.  Seating is at an outside terrace and the grilled squid (85kn) was dazzlingly fresh.  Deep fried octopus (80kn) was also a highlight with a great crisp crunch to it.
Details: Ilije Sarake 10, Stari Grad, Dubrovnik, Croatia (Ph 020/323-633)
Damage: Reasonable

Grilled squid at Konoba

Despite Storia’s beautiful setting overlooking the harbour in Dubrovnik and friendly service it is one to avoid as the food was disappointing.  The menu is Italian but features lots of seafood.  Our table of ten shared plates of Caprese salad and ceviche which were both inoffensive but not memorable.  However, I left most of my seafood risotto (79kn) uneaten as it had a claggy texture and was over salted.
Details: Kneza Damjana Jude 4, Stari Grad, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Damage: Reasonable

Seafood risotto at Storia

You can’t actually eat at Buza but I have included it here as it is such a great place.  A little bit magical, a lot of fun you enter through a hole in the old town walls to find a bar spread over terraces down the cliff.  You can swim or just soak up the sun with a drink.
Details: Follow the old town walls until you find an unmarked door, Stari Grad, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Damage: Pricey.  They sting you on the drinks, but it is worth it.

Pop out the hole in the wall and you are at bar Buza

Gourmet Travel Tips

  • We flew to Dubrovnik return from London with Wizzair (£190).  You can catch a bus from the airport to the old town which is just as convenient and cheaper than a cab as no cars are allowed in the old town.
  • We stayed at Old Town Apartments (€100) which were, as the name suggests, right in the old town (rare in Dubrovnik), simple and clean and included wifi.  Worth it for the location alone.
  • Highlights included walking around the old town walls in Dubrovnik, drinking at Buza and exploring the old town.  


Our room at Old Town Apartments in Dubrovnik – basic but clean and central


  1. Hah! Parallel lives sometimes – TPG was looking into squeezing a trip to Dubrovnik the other day! I can’t wait to read about Montenegro too now. Hope the road trip (aka quaffing and gorging odyssey) is going well.

  2. This post sure brings back some memories as we visited Dubrovnik 3 years ago and absolutely love it!

  3. The grilled squid… that´s exactly what I have been longing for a while now!

  4. Your photos make me want to visit the town too! Squid looks really delicious.

  5. How long is the flight? Did you find it do-able for a weekend?

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia-I’ve heard it is beautiful and from these pictures it certainly is!

  7. Thank you! Dutifully bookmarked for when we make it over….

  8. I’ve been wondering how you got on during your visit! I’ve found the food in Montenegro is very much grilled meat and chips and again we’ve only eaten Italian in Dubrovnik so probably a similar experience what you’ve had here. Am about to scroll back through a few posts to see if you’ve blogged on Montenegro too.

  9. Greedy Diva – Very much parallel lives – next thing we will have similar names or something crazy like that.

    Sylvia – So glad to hear you loved it as well

    Katherina – So simple, but so good

    Angie’s Recipes – the squid was delicious

    Tasting Pages – from memory it was about 2.5 hours – so very doable for a long weekend.

    Lorraine – It was stunning. I highly recommend

    Tori – Oh let me know what you think

    Sarah – Yes that was my experience as well – Montenegro still to come.

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