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“You choose” friends sometimes prompt me when it comes to restaurants.  They know that I am obsessed with food and write about it here on Gourmet Chick so they kindly offer to let me choose where we eat when we meet up.  It’s not a chore at all as I usually have a constantly evolving wish list of places in mind, but I must admit I also love it when I catch up with a friend and for once they choose the place.

So I was delighted when my friend Jenny suggested we eat at her regular lunch spot, Kensington Square Kitchen.  The cafe is cheery and sunny with big windows looking out to a garden in the middle of the square and a simple but stylish cream interior.

This is what you get when you reserve a table – very cute

Chef Sarah Adams has devised a menu based on seasonal British food which is locally sourced whenever possible.  The taleggio cheese and mushroom tart (£8) was rich and creamy and came with a small, sharply dressed salad.  Roasted pumpkin salad (£10) featured big chunks of slow roasted, sweet pumpkin alongside runner beans and crumbled salty fetta.  The jumble of ingredients worked really well together and while there were no culinary fireworks Kensington Square Kitchen serves the sort of fresh, wholesome food that it is enjoyable to eat.

Taleggio cheese and mushroom tart

We finished by sharing a slice of just warm almond and pear cake (£4) and a decent creamy latte made from Monmouth coffee.  Other pluses included complimentary magazines and newspapers (great for solo diners) and daily changing specials.   It may be ladies who lunch territory, but hey I like to think of myself as a lady and I was doing lunch.

I might just ask my friends to choose more often.

Details: Kensington Square Kitchen, 9 Kensington Square, Kensington W8 5EP Tube: Kensington High Street
Damage: Pricey.


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  1. Taleggio cheese is my favourite cheese. That looks like a great place to lunch. Next time I’m in Notting Hill…

  2. I like you choose friends too and I must admit that I never find it a chose finding places! 😀

  3. It all looks delicious. I love it when other people choose! Although I quite like it when people let me order for the whole table because it means I very bossily get to decide what I want tastes of as well as my own dish.

  4. I also like it when civilians (I really shouldn’t call them that) choose, as they do come up with the occasional gem that is far from the blogging crowd!

  5. Hotly Spiced – Yes I agree taleggio is great but bear in mind this is in Kensington not Notting Hill (although close).

    Lorraine – No never a chore at all

    Foodycat – That is certainly an advantage

    Mr Noodles – My friend is a travel journalist so I don’t know whether that classifies her as a civilian (I like the term!) but always good not to just follow the crowd.

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