Prosecco Riccardo (Sponsored post)

I think you know by now how much I love a glass (or two) of bubbles and a few years ago I discovered the brilliant Prosecco Riccardo at the Old Hat Supper Club.  What I found was prosecco like I had never tasted before thanks to the tender love and care put into the wine making process by the team at Prosecco Riccardo.  I was lucky enough to be able to discover such a good thing so early as Prosecco Riccardo went on to win at this year’s Taste of London and so is no longer an undiscovered drink.

Prosecco Riccardo – winner at the Taste of London

At the supper club I discovered the intriguing Riccardo Vino Tranquilo which tasted of pears and was served in wine glasses as it was bubble free. This was an instant favourite of mine as it is such an interesting drink, almost a cross between a wine and a prosecco.

The Prosecco Riccardo vineyards – ah Italy! 

Since then I have also loved Riccardo Cartizze a creamy and dry prosecco which is made with the most precious grapes in the region, grown on land that is worth over €1m. If your view of prosecco is as champagne’s poor cousin, this could be the drink to change your mind.

The grapes that become the lovely bubbles that are Prosecco Riccardo

Although this is a sponsored post, I am a genuine fan of Prosecco Riccardo, a niche prosecco producer, and one of the pioneers of Food Chain Traceability in the prosecco region.  Food Chain Traceability Certification is applied from cultivation to bottling process and allows you to discover the grapes path from cultivation to bottling process just keying the reference printed on the label and neck tag.

Prosecco Riccardo gift packs

This Christmas Prosecco Riccardo is being featured by the West London Wine School  in a tasting on Thursday 8 December at 7pm (£35) and can be bought at Grays and Feather  who also chose to showcase the prosecco at Taste of Christmas on the weekend. It is the perfect fizz for Christmas.

This is a sponsored post.  


  1. I remember with great pleasure our lunch at the Old Hat Club and the Riccardo range. Elegant bubbles, fantastic fizz!

  2. First encountered Riccado Prosecco back in May 2010 at one of my secret tasting events

    Fine stuff indeed.

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