How to make smashed eggs with avocado

You know how pregnant ladies have cravings for particular foods?  I have that all the time.  Except I’m not pregnant.  There was my obsession with dulce de leche, my infatuation with chorizo and now the object of my current fixation is avocados.  Luckily it seems the rest of Australia is currently craving avocado as well and it is difficult to find a cafe that does not feature the humble avo on its brunch menu.

Smashing the eggs

Sadly eating brunch out every day is a difficult habit to sustain financially so inspired by the menu at Porch and Parlour on Bondi Beach in Sydney* my current way to get my avocado fix has been through some Porch and Parlour style smashed eggs with avocado.

This is not so much a recipe as some loose guidance.  It’s ridiculously easy but there is something magical about soft boiled eggs, smashed and spiced up and paired with rich, creamy wedges of avocado.  It’s the perfect solution for my ongoing avocado cravings, that is until I move on to my next obsession.

Coating the eggs

4 eggs
1tsp paprika
1/2 tsp chilli flakes
Salt and pepper to season
1 avocado

1.  Soft boil the eggs by placing in boiling water for seven minutes then removing and running under cold water.  Once the eggs are cool enough to touch peel the shell off.

2.  Mix the paprika, chilli flakes, salt and pepper together on a plate and then roll the soft boiled eggs in the mixture until they are lightly coated.   Some fresh parsley added in here would be really nice as well but I didn’t have any.

3.  Serve with toast and sliced avocado.

Serves two.

Eggs pre smashing

*I haven’t been to Porch and Parlour but am inspired to go after reading Tori’s wonderful take on brunch there.   


  1. Going to treat my husband to this on the weekend. He will LOVE it!

  2. I have a serious egg issue, I could eat them every day, love them. And yes, I just might have a Pinterest board completely dedicated to them, in which I just pinned one of your photo to!

  3. Ah, eggs and avocado is one of my favourite breakfasts too. In fact avocado at any time – I’m eating a sandwich filled with it for lunch right now!

  4. this si the first time I’ve heard of smashed eggs actually, but they sound lovely! I do think I have been eating them all the while, just didn’t know you called htem that! eggs and avocado are one of my fav breakfast combis(:

  5. Hi, I didn’t know you had left London! I just looked at your site as I always do to find a restaurant in Soho. I am just back from a trip to Melbourne and I also ordered lots of eggs and avocados when I was out for breakfast as it’s not so common in London. But I always saw it on the menu as eggs with “smashed avocado” rather than smashed eggs?!
    Anyway enjoy life back in Melbourne and belated thanks for your suggestions for Italy last year.
    ps am going to try Patara Thai in Soho tomorrow night, will try the lamb shank curry as per your suggestion!

  6. You had me at chilli flakes. Spicyspicy makes everything better 😀

  7. I haven’t eaten brunch out in cafes for a while, think I’m over due! Although I’ve just started doing bacon, eggs and salsa… plus anything else in the fridge on Saturdays.. so I don’t think my boy would even wanna go out if he knows he is getting homecooked food.

    Alas, I’m now wanting a fancy brunch more than ever now! 😛

    These look gorgeous!

  8. For a moment there I thought you’d been in Sydney! And I was expecting to see some rather smashed looking eggs too 😉

  9. I love avocados, have actually never had them with eggs, this looks gorgeous! Looks easy enough even for me to make 🙂

  10. Boooo i just wrote a whole comment and it disappeared! 🙁 anyways, was saying how much we also love avos and that your smashed eggs look too neat 😉 there should be more smashed-ness!

  11. Eggs coated with chili flakes!! What a clever idea. That will be my next lunch. 😀 When I get my hands on some avocados.

  12. Oh wow – these look fantastic! Great inspiration for tomorrow mornings weekend breakfast! Just came across your blog via Melbourne Gastranome.

  13. Alison – Let me know how you go.

    Andi – I love that you have a Pinterest solely devoted to eggs. Looks like I will have to get on board with Pinterest.

    The Little Loaf – An avo sandwich. A classic but a goodie.

    Shu Han – Maybe it is a fancy Sydney name for them? It sounds appetising though I think.

    Marnie – Yes I moved back here for Christmas. I love Patara so let me know what you think of the lamb shank.

    Hannah – I agree, spicy all the way.

    Iron Chef Shellie – I like the addition of salsa to brunch – it sounds good.

    Lorraine – I will let you know when I make it up there. Am planning a visit…

    Ute – Yes I was almost a bit worried to post it as it is too easy, but it is just too delicious a combination to keep to myself.

    Catty – Oh sorry! Was it a blogger problem? Bloody blogger – annoying.

    Kelly – Chilli makes everything better I think…

    Kate – Welcome! Glad you discovered me.

  14. This sounds amazing, so simple but oh so delicious. Just that extra twist of rolling the eggs in the spice mix. If only I could get hold of some decent avocados.

  15. Where did “smashed” eggs come from?
    Aren’t they just soft boiled eggs?
    Hipsters at work I suspect…

  16. The combination of eggs and avocado with spice is unmatchable. Beautiful pics! Great job xx

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