So Frenchy So Chic

Baguettes, stinky cheese and macarons, these are a few of my favourite things.   I was able to indulge to my heart’s content at the So Frenchy So Chic festival which was held at Werribee park on Sunday.  My friends Jules and Em organised a big group of us to attend and scored us a prime position near the stage staked out with numerous picnic rugs.

So Frenchy So Chic in the beautiful grounds of Werribee Park

It ended up being the most perfect blue sky day and we kicked back listening to Nouvelle Vague, Moriarty and Féfé and drinking copious amounts of wine.  There was croquet on the go, games of petanque and lots of French food and wine.

Toasted caramalised nuts for sale

The crepe store was doing a roaring trade along with Le Sausage the mobile sausage truck which tweets its location around Melbourne at @ILoveLeSausage.

Lots of love for Le Sausage

Lots of people had brought their own picnics but I think our neighbouring picnickers were quite envious when they saw our picnic baskets arrive which had been catered for by the Werribee mansion.  They were stuffed with brie filled baguettes, chunky terrine, blue cheese dressed salad, macarons and chocolate eclairs.

Macarons in our picnic basket

I have already decided I must return to So Frenchy So Chic next year as it was such a very French and very fabulous day.

The day was all a little much for some attendees

Details: So Frenchy So Chic, Werribee Park.
Damage: Tickets were $74 which included a return bus from Southern Cross station to Werribee.


  1. Those picnic hampers do sound very good, what a great event.

  2. Oh, look at that weather! And blue cheese dressed salad? Oh yes, oh yes 🙂

  3. Never mind the macarons… look at all that SUNSHINE! (*sob*)

  4. Goodness I suppose I take for granted being so close to France yet for people over there it’s too far to just visit! Looks like a fun day out and yes, far better for the sunshine rather than undercover in Earls Court or Olympia like the French events we get here.

  5. I bet you’re REALLY missing the drizzly London January right about now?! Looks brilliant. What were the cheeses like?

  6. What a great festival, and the picnic baskets sound fab!

  7. Some of my favourite things too! Very jealous of all that incredible sunshine, and those macarons 🙂

  8. Incroyablement cool. I am sure that was gramatically incorrect – it has a. been a long time since high school and b. my recall is clouded by envy!!

  9. Pease Pudding – Everyone else was giving us envious looks. I should have taken more photos of the contents but I was too busy wolfing it down.

    Hannah – Yes blue cheese dressed salad is hard to beat.

    Jeanne – I know it was a perfect weather day.

    Sarah – I am going to miss being so close to France but with the sunshine this was as good a substitute as you can get in Australia.

    Blonde – I do miss London but not the weather I must admit. Great stinky brie. Although Australia does not permit unpasturised cheese which means that the variety of French cheese available is a lot less than that in the UK which is annoying.

    Hanna – I think picnicking is somewhat of a competitive sport and ours were clearly the winner on the day.

    The Little Loaf – It was such perfect weather on the day.

    Lauren – Oui Oui – I agree!

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