Tyranny of Distance

I’m house hunting at the moment.  This entails spending most weekends driving around Melbourne looking at houses which are ridiculously priced and bear only slight resemblance to the photographs.  Sticking pins in your eyes may just be a more enjoyable weekend activity as at least it does not include that element of hope and then disappointment.  You always know that sticking pins in your eyes is not going to be fun.

Pulling up outside a house in Windsor I discovered that MTV and I were early for the inspection time so had a rare window of opportunity to eat a proper brunch.  So around the corner we headed to Tyranny of Distance.  It’s a grungy looking sort of place all mismatched furniture, graffiti and crockery straight from the op shop.  Eating inside is like eating outside thanks to an indoor/outdoor feel to the place, beware though this does attract dirty smokers (sorry smokers).  The  whole place has a casual and cruisy feel, like you are eating in somebody’s back yard.

It’s a laid back feel at The Tyranny of Distance

Going against the laid back vibe we asked if we could order and be served straightaway as we had a house inspection to make.  Yes we could.  Out came the coffees instantly, made from Toby’s estate blend.  My latte was strong and sharp with the milk textured perfectly, only lacking a bit of coffee art.

Coffee at Tyranny of Distance

Given that it was a spur of the moment decision to go to Tyranny of Distance I had not done any of my usual  research and did not know that the chilli eggs and potato rosti stack were THE dishes to order.  Lucky, because instead I ordered the Spanish style baked eggs ($13.50) which is I think the best breakfast dish I have had this year in Melbourne.  Served in a cast iron skillet, the eggs were perfectly baked with still runny, sunny yellow yolks.  They were surrounded by a rich tomato sauce dotted with chunks of capsicum and spicy chorizo.   It was breakfast perfection and a welcome antidote to house hunting trauma.

Poached eggs with a side of mushrooms

MTV’s poached eggs ($7.50) were served with a huge serving of garlicky mushrooms ($3.50) and again were just the right side of runny.  Did I mention that both breakfast servings were enormous and served with addictively good flat bread?  Immediately we both started fantasising about actually buying the house around the corner and having the Tyranny of Distance as our regular breakfast spot.

Of course, as soon as we finished our breakfast and ran over to the house inspection we discovered that the house in question was so close to the railway line that the whole house shook as a train went past and the sound of the level crossing bells reverberated in your ears every five minutes.

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Details: Tyranny of Distance, 147 Union Street, Windsor 3181 (Ph 03 9525 1005)
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. ya smoker feel bad for them.
    id like to try the poached eggs with mushroom coz i love mushroom so much *o*

  2. Good luck on the house hunting! BTW did the estate agent describe the proximity of the railway line to the house as ‘good transport links’!

  3. Nothing more soul destroying than house hunting Saturdays. Thank god for decent coffee as a saviour.

  4. ahm.. like to taste their coffee to make me awake while working here.
    wish i can move here so i can explore the world for foods.
    good post btw,

  5. Yummy! Good luck with the house huntin’ x LZ

  6. Trixie – If you love mushroom you would love this dish.

    Mr Noodles – Exactly, I have heard all the cliches “renovator’s dream”, “room for improvement” etc

    Tori – Agreed. It is an eternal cycle of hope then disappointment.

    Andi – It was good. Tempted to make it myself for breakfast one day.

    Jake – I agree, coffee is essential for keeping awake

    Emily – Thanks – I need it.

  7. Fabulous looking lunch – I thought it was home made until I read the post. Good luck house hunting – one of our friends lives in South London with a railway line 10 feet from their bathroom, it takes some getting used to!!

  8. LOL – so more a case of tyranny of LACK of distance… from the railway line?! 😉 That skillet looks absolutely awesome and totally possible to approximate at home. Great review and thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with the house hunting…

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