Golden Fields

Note: Golden Fields is now permanently closed
I wonder if anyone goes to Golden Fields and doesn’t order the lobster roll? It’s the signature dish on the menu, the one that has restaurant reviewers in raptures and the twitterverse in a titter.  To be honest, I felt like I had no choice in the matter.

The famous lobster roll

So one elbow twisted behind my back I walked into Golden Fields, perched myself at the bar and ordered the “lobster” roll ($15).  It was good, it was very good indeed.  A soft, slightly sweet, buttered brioche bun, a whisp of water cress and chunky pearly white crayfish meat.  What a relief, I could relax and enjoy the rest of my meal.

A seat at the bar is the best way to experience the action at Golden Fields

Golden Fields is part of the revolution taking place at the top end of Fitzroy street.  Historically a dead zone for restaurants now that Golden Fields and Fitzrovia have opened this part of the road is having a renaissance.  There are no bookings at Golden Fields (apart from the large table which sits 10-12 people) but we did not have any problem getting a seat on a Sunday evening.  The space looks modern and sleek with a wall of windows opening onto the street, polished concrete floors and metal sculptures.

Pork belly and kimchi rolls

Sitting at the bar is an experience in itself as you get a full view of the chefs at work and can spy on the dishes which look good and add them to your order.  However I did not need to see the pork belly with kimchi before ordering it.  Those two ingredients were enough.  The fatty but succulent rolled Berkshire pork belly was served almost Vietnamese spring roll style and teamed with fiery kimchi before being doused with a spicy yuxiang sauce ($15 for four).  They were hot enough for it to hurt a little, but in a good way.

Braised snapper

The heat factor got turned up a notch with our next dish, the braised snapper.  The fresh as can be snapper was teamed with two huge garlicky prawns, vermicilli noodles and a shed load of chillis.  I like chillis so I was fine with this but if you don’t it could perhaps have been on the too spicy side.  I also would have liked some rice to mop up the sauce and tame the dish a little.

Heirloom tomato salad

We teamed this with the heirloom tomato salad ($13).  I’m a sucker for this dish at the moment as tomatoes are in season and I take any opportunity I can get to eat real, juicy and tasty tomatoes rather than the beef tomato water bombs you see at the supermarket.  Golden Fields’ version had an acidic dressing to add a bit of bite and was teamed with tamarind and crispy shallots to give some textural contrast.


While I knew that I had to order the lobster roll at Golden Fields, I forgot to read the memo about the peanut chocolate parfait  which is apparently the “must order” dessert.  Instead, I ordered the baked meringue with vanilla rose and lychee for dessert.  Guess what? It was excellent.  Perfection in meringue form.  It seems like even when you swim against the tide, Golden Field still delivers.

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Details:  Golden Fields, 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda 3182 (Ph 03 9525 4488) Open: 12 – midnight.
Damage: Pricey. $158 for two with one bottle of wine.
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  1. Oh golly! I would have thought that only the peanut butter dessert would do for me, but I also adore rose and lychee so… I’d probably have to order just desserts here. 😛

  2. Haha, yes we did not order the lobster roll but that’s because one of us has a shellfish allergy. And we actually love that lychee rose meringue far better than the peanut butter parfait. We blogged about Golden Fields some time mid last year btw and labelled the latter dessert one of our top desserts from restaurants that opened in 2011. 🙂

  3. Hehe nope, we had to order the lobster roll and we loved it! In fact I would like another right now because you’ve just reminded me how good it was! 🙂

  4. Oh god lobster rolls! That one looks particularly choice – wish they weren’t so hard to come by over here. If I ever make it back to Melbourne, this one’s going on the list.

  5. yes! i can order it all and eat them by my self! really looks deli.
    have a wonderful nights.

  6. Hannah – I think I am going to have to go back and have the parfait. Any excuse!

    MoMo & Coco – Oh interesting to hear that you preferred the meringue to the parfait – glad to hear that it made your top desserts list.

    Lorraine – I have reminded myself of how good it was which I think is the problem…

    Katy – I’ve heard that there is a new place that has opened in London? Mind you the best Lobster rolls are of course in the States.

    May – Thanks

  7. Wow! you always amaze me with your work, very impressive.

  8. WANT!! Oh, I so want to try the lobster roll. One day!

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