Greenhouse by Joost for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Get excited Melbourne as the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival kicks off today.  It will be two weeks of food, drinks and fabulousness.  I had a sneak peak at one of the star attractions last night,  Greenhouse by Joost.

Ground floor of Greenhouse by Joost for the launch party

It’s a completely sustainable and eco friendly restaurant made from recycled materials.   After a previous spell in Sydney and Melbourne the Greenhouse has now popped up for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival on the banks of the Yarra river.

Strawberry plants line the walls

Made from old shipping containers, the place looks amazing with strawberry pots lining the walls and huge tin drums filled with herbs everywhere you look.  Everything is edible or eco friendly from the shitake mushrooms sprouting from logs by the kitchen to the infamous toilets which harvest urine to power the next Greenhouse (the toilets seemed to be struggling a bit on the flushing front last night but hopefully with less of a crowd they will work a bit more efficiently).  There are heaps of amazing things about the Greenhouse including a bio generator that converts used cooking oil and fat into power for the building.  The full list of weird and wonderful facts is set out here.

Americanos served in jars

There were lots of celebrities like the amazing Stephanie Alexander in attendance and Americanos were served in jars straight from the kitchen sink (the tap on the left hand side actually dispensed the Amerciano).  The food was all the sort which you can eat with a drink in your hand, oysters, smoky baba ganoush and quinoa salad served in plant pots.

Americano’s on tap! 

Greenhouse by Joost is open for 20 days only during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.  It will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner menu by chef Matt Stone with a truly local menu.  The menu will feature wheat milled onsite, herbs cut from the rooftop garden and yoghurt and butter made from organic milk and cream. There are no bookings (except for a few special events) so try your luck at getting a table.  It was a great introduction to the festival and has made me pretty excited about the other things on.


I’m looking forward to:

Great portrait celebrating the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s 20th year – plus some very Melbourne weather as I headed home for the night

I wish I had a ticket for the Friday Fire Master Class but it sold out in six minutes.  What’s on your wish list for the festival?

I was a guest of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at the launch party. 


  1. sounds interesting. hope they enjoy being there.
    the food , wine and the people looks amazing too bad im not there .

  2. Loved Joost Greenhouse when it was in Sydney, the Americano serving sink looks pretty cool too. Did you pluck up the courage to speak to Stephanie? Wish I was coming down to the festival *sigh**

  3. Kelly – It was great fun

    VintageMacaroon – Yes I remember reading your post about it and thinking that it sounded amazing, apparently they are taking it to London as well. And no of course I was not brave enough to talk to Stephanie!

  4. I loved the Greenhouse in Sydney and Perth, sad I missed this – was in Melbourne last weekend, not this weekend! Americanos on tap is such a cool idea 🙂

  5. Hmmm I wasn’t fussed about Greenhouse until I read your post – you have convinced me to make the effort to check it out 🙂

  6. Lisa – It is on for 2 weeks so maybe if you are back in town in that time you can catch it.

    Agnes – I really enjoyed it, interested to know what you think (and to find out what the actual lunch and dinner menu is like).

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