Miss Jackson

Grey Street used to be best known for the “ladies of the night” who plied their trade along it, but now there is a new lady in the hood, Miss Jackson.  Last Saturday with the lyrics to Outkast’s “Sorry Ms Jackson” running through my head, I took refuge from the rain inside Miss Jackson cafe just off the corner of Fitzroy and Grey street in St Kilda.

Perfect coffee at Miss Jackson

If there had not been a tropical deluge then I may have been able to take advantage of the street side terrace but there were plenty of tables inside the elegant old building.  The cafe is divided into a series of rooms which means you can hole up in one of them and practically have it to yourself on a quiet day.  Bonus points for the stack of newspapers and quality food and interior design magazines.

Corn fritters

Cutting straight to the chase, the coffee at Miss Jackson is sensational.  My latte was smooth with a slight caramel flavour and just the right kick of caffeine.  Allpress coffee is the secret here, specifically the Supremo blend which was created for Melbourne palates.  The cappuccinos were equally good, so good that MTV went back for a second coffee in the course of one brunch visit.

Cool floral arrangements at Miss Jackson

The breakfast menu is extensive and importantly it runs all day which is great for non-morning types.  The star dish has to be the corn fritters.  The fritters are light and fluffy with generous hunks of corn in them but best of all they are topped with decent bacon, wedges of avocado and plump tomatoes roasted on the vine.  At this stage you may perhaps be thinking that this dish sounds very good or even great but the thing that projects it into the sensational territory is the chilli jam that comes with it.  Sweet, sticky and slightly spicy this jam had me literally drooling at the mouth.  It was the perfect addition to bind all the elements of the corn fritters together and add a wow factor to the whole dish.

The steak sanga with chips

From the lunch section of Miss Jackson’s menu, the steak sandwich was well cooked to medium rare and topped with sweet caramalised onion.  It was served on a board and came complete with crisp skinny fries and a bowl of aioli so thick you could sculpt it.  

This little cafe is a classy addition to the ladies of Grey street and certainly has to be up there as contender for best brunch in Melbourne.  Now if only I could work out how to get  those lyrics “I’m sorry Ms Jackson…” out of my head.

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Details: Miss Jackson, 2/19 Grey Street (enter from Jackson street), St Kilda 3182 (Ph: 9534 8415)  Open Tue-Sun 7am-4pm.
Damage: Reasonable. Our bill came to $41 for two.

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  1. Looks fantastic! Perfect Melbourne fare x

  2. The latte looks gorgeous and the dish seems very tasty.
    I live in Italy, so no chance for me to eat there… Enyoy it!!!!!
    (excuse me for my English….).
    Yours is one of the my favourite food blogs!

  3. I’m SO very excited about brunch in Melbourne. The boy just got a new job which requires lots of travelling to Melbs so guess who will be tagging along soon enough? FUN TIMES!

  4. The Perfect Trough – It was

    Elena – It was a great coffee and thanks for reading all the way from Italy – such an amazing country for food (and coffee!)

    Catty – Good news – lots of great places for you to check out.

  5. Your commentinspired me a post about italian coffee. Thanks!!!

  6. these photos are making me hungry

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