Where there’s a wine, there’s a way

First came plastic wine bottles, and now a Melbourne entrepreneur hopes drinkers will embrace individual portions of sauvignon blanc or rose in disposable cups.  The ready-to-drink market has been hugely successful for beer and spirit-based products but has struggled to convince wine drinkers to abandon traditional serving methods.  But Georgia Beattie is hoping to change that with her company, Lupé, which since launching last November is already generating steady business at festivals and events, and was named by BRW magazine as one of its 10 start-ups to watch in 2012….

Drinking Lupé wines at a gallery opening.  Photograph copyright of The Age.  

….I wrote something for The Age about Lupé wines (in the UK Marks and Spencer sells the same thing known as Le Froglet).  Would you drink wine from a disposable plastic cup with a seal or are you a “from a bottle with a cork” only sort of person?  Skip on over to The Age to read the article.


  1. Oh dear, I am not all that sure about this concept at all… I’m definitely a traditionalist for now, I like the idea of drinking from a wine glass thats made of glass. 🙂

  2. Oh Should have known that was your article too.. I don’t think I’m gonna get on with this trend at all 🙁

  3. Fatboo – I am quite a traditionalist as well (and love nothing more than the sound of a cork popping) but think it could be good for picnics or at festivals

    MsIHua – Are you a bottle with a cork kinda girl?

  4. I can (and have!) drunk wine from these! It sure beats the old student trick of buying a bottle of wine for a picnic and then realising you have neither a corkscrew nor glasses and having to push the cork into the bottle with a pen and then pass the bottle around to sip from it… Oooops, have I said too much?! ;o)

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