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Just when I thought Fitzroy could not support a single cafe more, another one opened right on my doorstep.  Mind you I have also previously said that Fitzroy cannot support another warehouse conversion, another shop selling fixies and another contemporary art gallery and each time the suburb has proved me wrong.  In this case, Breakfast Thieves got off to a rather shaky start on the weekend with two fire trucks arriving during its soft opening and shutting down service after a smoke alarm went off in the cafe.  I revisited on Anzac Day and everything seemed to be running much more smoothly.

Brioche Pain Perdu

Located in the bottom of a warehouse building Breakfast Thieves has an industrial feel with exposed brick walls, light bulbs dangling from the ceiling and metal edged tables.  There’s space for outdoor seating on the pavement and a couple of big tables for groups or communal dining.  I went there for brunch with my friend Tans and we perched ourselves at one of the bar tables which line the cafe’s windows.

Inside the Breakfast Thieves – love the big communal tables and whiskey decanters for water bottles

The menu adopts the twee or amusing practice (depending on your view) of giving dishes titles that reflect the cafe’s name so instead of baked eggs there is “The Pickpocket” and rather than spaghetti bolognese there is “Don Corelone”.

“Ned Kelly” mushrooms with poached eggs and polenta

Steering clear of the novelty names I ordered the pain perdu ($15) which was made with fluffy, thick brioche topped with slow cooked caramalised apples and mascarpone cream.  A scattering of pistachio nuts added a bit of textural contrast to this sweet, sticky but delicious confection.

On the savoury side the “Ned Kelly” ($17.50) was piled with pan fried mushrooms, baked wedges of polenta and two poached eggs.  It was a great combination but unfortunately the eggs were overcooked to the point that the yolks were completely hard rather than runny.  Hopefully just a misfire in the cafe’s first week.

Coffee by the Social Roasting Company

Crucially the coffee ($3.50) was sensational.  Creamy, smooth and on the mild side the coffee at Breakfast Thieves comes from the Social Roasting Company.  The cafe also offers homemade biscuits and sweet things including some of the biggest Anzac biscuits ($3) I have ever seen.

Croissants and home made cookies line the counter

Apart from the overcooked eggs our brunch was top notch.  I will be back although that is partially a reflection on the quality food and coffee and partially a reflection on just how close Breakfast Thieves is located to Tans’ flat.  Although I briefly considered not paying for our meal in keeping with the “thieves” theme you will be glad to know I decided against it.

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Details: Breakfast Thieves, 420 Gore Street, Fitzroy 3065
Damage: Reasonable. Our bill came to $32.50 for two.

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  1. Dear Cara,

    I am amazed at the depth of great cafes in Melbourne with such honest food and good coffee. Truly world class.

  2. Shame about the overcooked eggs, but you’re right, one would hope it’s just a matter of minor first-week blunders (and it probably is). Otherwise it looks spot-on!

  3. It sounds like a little hipster heaven… I thought they were just an East London affliction, but apparently not!

  4. Love the name of the place, not a big fan of twee dish names though. So easy to overdo a poached egg, hopefully just teething and timing issues.

  5. Chopin – Yes the coffee and cafes in Melbourne are hard to beat

    Yasmeen – Could be worth wandering North to check out…

    Blonde – Hipsters are world wide I think!

    Katy – Yes having overcooked a few poached eggs myself in my time I can forgive them that

    Andi – It looks pretty good doesn’t it?

  6. I miss Melbourne breakfasts! Although there are some great places here – I am yet to find the venue that replicates the feel of the old “Conti” in Greville St (sadly no longer there) that was my weekend staple in the 90s.

  7. LondonRob – Yes London is catching up I think – although all the good cafes are run by Australians and New Zealanders…

  8. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  9. The mushrooms look so tasty. I also really like the big tables. Nothing worse than having a tiny table and having to play some sort of mind game to fit all your plates and drinks on there.

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