Composing concoctions of chocolate delectation

Bite into a chocolate from Mamor Chocolates & High Tea Szalon this Easter and you could be in for a surprise.  Hanna Frederick, chocolatier and owner of the Collingwood business, loves to experiment and has developed a range that includes chocolate flavoured with garlic, absinthe, wasabi and even kangaroo salami.  ”I call myself the Beethoven of chocolate,” Dr Frederick said.  ”I put everything together in my head, the whole recipe, and it comes out right away perfectly”…

Photo of Hanna Frederick with her beer, garlic and kangaroo salami flavoured garlic chocolates from The Age

….I wrote something for The Age about some of the more whacky, weird and wonderful chocolate creations out there.  You can’t say Melbourne’s chocolatiers are not creative!  Would you eat chocolate flavoured with garlic, geraniums or filled with quinoa?  Skip on over to The Age for the full story.

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