Ginger Boy

The whole point of writing a blog is that it is not a democracy.  It is a one woman dictatorship on here and I really do love being able to say and do whatever I think.  But I am a benevolent dictator and I like to please you, my fabulous readers, so when I raved about the son in law eggs at Easy Tiger in Smith Street and a reader said the son in law eggs at Ginger Boy were better, I just had to go and try them.

The famous son in law eggs at Ginger Boy

I hadn’t been to Ginger Boy for quite a while but the restaurant still looks as sophisticated as I remembered with its black bamboo lined walls and ceiling dotted with tiny lights to look like a starry night time sky.  The space has a glamorous feel to it with clear Phillipe Starck ghost chairs but tables are packed closely together for a lively atmosphere.  The menu is made for sharing with small and large plates all created by chef Teague Ezard which features food best described as Asian hawker style with a twist.

Ocean trout at Ginger Boy

My readers were right the son in law eggs ($13.50) at Ginger Boy are sensational with a real textural contrast between the deep fried exterior and soft boiled yolk.  Best of all, Ginger Boy’s son in law eggs are topped with crisp, fried shallots and fiery chilly jam.  It’s the jam that really makes these eggs come alive with its sticky, sweet but hot flavour.  The eggs are served in three but our waiter was flexible and added in an extra egg ($4.50) so the four of us had one each.

Pork bun Ginger Boy style

The roasted ocean trout ($38) had some kick on it from a smoky ginger dressing along with the freshness of lemongrass.  It was served with a hot and sour salad which balanced the dish out.  The caramalised ox cheeks ($38) were slow cooked to a fall-apart-at-the-fork stage and teamed with an addictive peanut sauce.

Ox cheeks

The only disappointment were the pork buns ($5.50) which were not as pillowy soft as I had hoped for.  Still, it was the only real fault in the meal and the son in law eggs alone made the meal at Ginger Boy worthwhile.

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Details: Ginger Boy, 27-29 Crossley Street, City 3000 (Ph 03 9662 4200) Open: Mon-Fri 12-2:30pm, 6-10:30pm,  Sat 6-10:30pm.
Damage: Pricey.  Our bill came to $224 for four with only two glasses of wine.

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  1. Dear Cara,

    The ox cheek with peanut sauce is interesting but it baffles me how these few items can cost $224 with little drinks. Paying for celeb chef food perhaps.

  2. I haven’t been to Gingerboy yet, but the son in law eggs do look very enticing! so do the ocean trout 😀

  3. Oh my gosh! I had no idea that any Thai restaurant served these – at least I have never seen them on a menu in the US. My first husband was Thai and I practically lived at my in-laws house when we dated. My favorite dish that my MIL would make was son-in-law eggs – I love them and I have not had them more than 10 years – now I want some!!!!

  4. Oh my! This does look good. I may have to start changing my views on Asian fusion/pan-Asian! Mind you, I’ll probably have to Melbourne first.

  5. Ginger boy was on my list for the last Melbourne visit but alas I ran out of time and stomach space!

  6. Oh yuuuuuum! I’m such a ginger fan!!!

  7. Aw wow, I think I would also make a visit just for the son in law eggs! They look and sound delicious :).

  8. Those eggs look incredible! Keep up the benevolent dictating.

  9. hehehe was it us you recommended Gingerboy’s son-in-law eggs to you? May we also recommend Gingerboy’s dessert platter… hehehe 🙂

  10. Chopin – Yes the prices are steep I agree

    Peach Water – Yes the ocean trout was great

    Andi – I wonder what the recipe was like – I just love son in law eggs.

    Mr Noodles – Yes Melbourne does pan Asian well

    Not Quite Nigella – Next time I guess…

    Andi – So am I so I think you would like this restaurant

    Ames – It is worth it for the son in law eggs alone

    Katy – I need no encouragement…

    MoMo and Coco – It was indeed, thanks for the tip.

  11. If only all dictators had taste as good as yours.

  12. I haven’t had Thai food in a long while and reading this is making me feel a bit peckish. Those son in law eggs just looks scrummy, I think I can taste it just by looking at the picture. I wonder why it was called son in law eggs though.

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