Gourmet Giveaway – De’Longhi coffee machine

It’s been a relief to get back to Melbourne from London just to drink some decent coffee (sorry London but it’s true).  After all, some of the best coffee in the world is served up here and many long-lasting friendships, partnerships and relationships have been made or sealed over a cup of the aromatic stuff.
It must be love… or just a barista who is into coffee art
If you’re like me and in winter want a decent coffee without having to actually go outside then this is the Gourmet Giveaway for you. I’ve teamed up with Aussie dating specialists eHarmony to offer one reader the chance to win a shiny new De’longhi Icona Espresso Maker.
eHarmony reckon they are a bit like coffee because they are all about bringing people together.  Whether you’re looking for Melbourne dating or dating all around the country, eHarmony will only match you with people with whom you’re likely to click.
Here are the rules:
  • To enter the competition to win one De’longhi Icona Espresso Maker leave a comment below in answer to the question “What snack is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee?”. If you don’t have a blog please make sure you leave an email address or Twitter name in the comment so I can contact you if you win, or email me directly on missgourmetchick[at]gmail[dot]com if you don’t want to leave details on your comment.
  • As well as answering question above, you can enter again by liking eHarmony Australia on Facebook and/or following me – @carawaters – on Twitter, and telling me in a second comment that you have done so.
  • Sorry, competition only open to Australian residents.  
  • Competition to win the De’longhi coffee machine closes at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time on Wednesday 11 July.
  • A winner of the De’longhi coffee machine will be selected using random.org and the winner will be announced on Gourmet Chick on  Friday 13 July.
Thanks to eHarmony for sponsoring this giveaway. 


  1. Lovely giveaway! Not entering as I’m not in Austrailia but yes London’s coffee is shockingly bad. That’s why we’re a nation of tea drinkers. 🙂

  2. I like a canele with my coffee!

    I follow you on twitter – jesselynlim

  3. Count me in. I could use some new kitchen gadets and this looks great. I’ll email you.

  4. What a fantastic giveaway! I think the favourite coffee accompaniment is chocolate, myself (muffins and baked goods go with tea, chocolate with coffee 🙂 ).

  5. I’m not gonna disagree with you about London coffee in general. But what about all those coffee joints run by Aussies and Kiwis in London?

  6. Count me in too please

  7. I’m more of a tea gal but the hubby loves coffee. Both agree a biscuit is the best for dunking.

  8. Have liked eharmony australia

  9. Following eharmony on twitter

  10. I’d opt for something chocolatey that doesn’t break up upon dipping!

  11. The perfect accompaniment to my cappuccino is definitely a lovely rich new york cheesecake. YUMMERS!

  12. The perfect snack to accompany a delicious cup of coffee is hot toasted and buttered banana bread, it’s my special treat!

    @AlohaHoney68 on twitter, cashy@gmail.com is my email. Thank you 🙂

  13. Have just followed @carawaters too – good luck everyone!

  14. Almond bread.

  15. A white chocolate Tim Tam is brilliant with coffee!

  16. The perfect snack would be chocolate biscuits, no doubt about it!

  17. Already following @carawaters on Twitter

  18. @Leighdabsey on Twitter following @carawaters.
    The best accompaniment of course has to be a couple of Timtams.

  19. Hi Gourmet Chick, thanks for a great comp- by the way I love making your recipes. I have entered the delonghi comp by emailing you direct and by liking eHarmony Australia.I have my fingers firmly crossed!!! Bianca Mayer

  20. Am following you on Twitter (danluc0507)

  21. My oatmeal and apricot cookies great with coffee

  22. Italian Biscotti biscuits – fresh homemade ones are the best with quality coffee

  23. Liked on eHarmony and sent you an email with my details

  24. nothing beats mint slice biscuits with coffee or a home made tea cake!!

  25. Hot buttered raisin toast for me !

  26. Macadamia and white chocolate cookies, dipped in so they become gooey and sweet.

  27. The perfect snack is a banana to give you that early morning up and go!

  28. A Amaretto biscuit,I love the blend of coffee and almonds

  29. The perfect coffee needs no accompaniment other than an ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  30. A home made brandy snap with cream filling. YUM!
    On Twitter – Mrsbecauseisaidso

  31. A sweet raspberry and creme macaroon or maybe two 🙂

  32. I have preschool twins so, seriously, for me, simply getting to enjoy a hot coffee in peace is enough. But if I really had the chance, a couple of squares of rich dark chocolate!

    1. Just realised I forgot to leave contact details!
      I’m LalaScarey on Twitter. Thanks

  33. my beautiful wife

  34. A white chocolate brownie!

  35. Scones, with cream and jam, the ultimate sunday morning breakfast and indulgence.

  36. Choc Peppermint wafers are a great pairing with a quality cup of coffee.

  37. Might sound really old school but my sweet tooth wins when snacking with coffee, I cannot resist an Arnotts Scotch finger or shortbread cream biscuit to dunk!

  38. following on twitter – mandachic

  39. Amaretti’s (Italian Almond Macaroons). These are absolutely scrumptious and the perfect accompaniment for a perfect cup of coffee.

  40. I love a freddo frog. bindiloo1@live.com.au

  41. I´m following you on Twitter. @Love_4_sharing

  42. My favorite snack is Kit Kat, BUT my grandma´s cake is and will be always the best. 😉

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  44. it has to be a timtam’s that you bite the corners off then suck the coffee through like a straw then eat it before it falls in the coffee YUM YUM

  45. Chocolate ganache hazelnut tart

  46. Chocolate Ganache Cake – made by anybody other than myself! I’ll email you my details. Wish me luck!

  47. Nothing can beat scones and homemade apricot jam and thick cream….liked on facebook,cricketmum@live.com

  48. A Tim Tam, to suck the coffee up through it!


  49. Have also liked eHarmony on facebook and am following you on twitter 🙂


  50. Rich and crumbly homemade shortbread is perfect with a great cup of coffee – a marriage made in heaven!

  51. The perfect accompaniment for coffee is a great location and someone to share it with.

  52. A melting moment heaven with a cafe latte.

  53. A creamy Cappucino paired with one of my Strawberry & Passionfruit cheesecake mini’s is my ideal coffee break.
    Awesome competition, thanks for the chance to enter 🙂

  54. One decadent melt in your mouth chocolate chilli truffle! Just divine.

  55. The perfect accompaniment to a good cup of coffee, I’ve recently discovered, is crepes with bacon, egg and mushrooms. Not so filling you’ll be left feeling full when everyone else is eating lunch, but not too small to be insignificant.

  56. Nothing like a nice piece of Chocolate Brownie or a blueberry muffin with a cup of coffee but when push comes to shove, the ultimate accompaniment would have to be a Tim Tam (to do the Tim Tam slam

  57. Almond biscotti are perfect with a cup of coffee, especially to dunk them in 😛

  58. I think the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee is a wonderful scone!
    mermont84 at yahoo.com

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. I think the perfect accompaniment for me would be ‘peace & quiet’. With young children it’s not often I get to sit down (by myself) to a decent hot cup of coffee. I currently can’t think of anything better!!

    Thank you

    Email: aliciapavlovich83@gmail.com

  61. Nice giveaway!

    I had a great flat white yesterday, accompanied by a great croissant. Tres Francais! Although I agree with the previous reader – a few moments’ peace is a bonus!

    Following you and eHarmony on twitter – @freckleforest

  62. There is nothing better than a good old fashioned tim tam to accompany a long black. Bite off the corners and enjoy the luscious combo of bitter black coffee mixed with the sweet goodness of tim tams.

  63. and I have added you on twitter @ygclemmen. Don’t want to miss out on any more of these great competitions.

  64. pandesal bread, filipino style ftw.

  65. Nothing could be finer than a crossaint in a french diner. Sipping coffee piping hot with a sexy french toff! Oooh lala!

    I am following you on twitter. I am @MsMyst xxx

  66. I cant go past having an Arnotts Kingston or 2 with my cappuccino for morning tea.

    I am also following eharmony on facebook 🙂

  67. Black Forrest cake or orange and poppy seed cake, go well with the perfect cup of coffee.

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  69. scones with jam and fresh cream for an alternative twist on denvonshire (coffee)


  70. A slice of rich Black Forest Cake, and time to myself to enjoy. By the end of the cup, you wish it could start all over again.

  71. It would have to be a delicious Italian dessert – probably a pannacotta, or a crisp cannoli. yum
    email: vweaver@adam.com.au

  72. My mother in-law’s jelly slice. Apparently the Australian cricketer George Bailey also thought so!

  73. My Chocolate Vanilla Slice, would be a great accompaniment with a cup of Fresh brewed Coffee 🙂

  74. I always DéLonghi for a delicious slice of Carrot cake with my coffee. Perfect accompaniment but I don’t think it counts as one of my 5 a day on the fruit and veg stakes though!

  75. I have just had the most delicious white chocolate and macadamia biscuits from Littlesweet bakery on Facebook, so I will say them. Yum!! 🙂

  76. I liked eHarmony Australia on Facebook

  77. Chocolate and Almond biscotti! Or do as the French do, and dip your baguette in, but I didn’t get this. @senkihazi

  78. TimTam!

  79. Tim Tam of course, Who can resist the Tim Tam Slam!!!

  80. Have followed on facebook with my name here

  81. Madeleine cakes are the best! Especially if you’re having black coffee, the sweetness and softness paired with aromatic coffee. Just don’t dip for too long!


  82. Half of a homemade vanilla cupcake with white chocolate frosting, shared with a smiling Miss 6 drinking a hot chocolate

  83. Following you on twitter 🙂 popeyes_girl_22

  84. My grandfather taught me this … a splash of Grappa in your coffee and a biscotti on the side … very Italian.

  85. It has to be quality chocolate, nothing else will do


  86. nothing beats a homemade cake,
    warm from the oven, just been baked.
    drizzled with icing, still sweet and devine,
    with a coffee in one hand, its simply all mine!!


  87. For something that;s prefect HARMONY
    Serve home-made coffee with Italian Biscotti
    The crisp aromatic combination
    Is pure indulgent afternoon tea temptation.


  88. A croissant with nutella!


  89. Chilli Chocolate and hot “real” coffee – best thing for winter flu!

  90. Amaretti biscuits and coffee is simple divine!


  91. I would have to say there is nothing like a Turkish Delight Marche’ Du Macaron to accompany a piping Hot Skinny Cap!

    I have followed you on Twitter

  92. i love to dunk my tim tam,suck the chocolate,then enjoy my hot coffee.
    twiter name @lindyloo400

  93. liking eHarmony Australia on Facebook

  94. with coffee i love a huge piece of quiet. Calorie friendly too.


  95. My fave coffee accompaniment is home-made blondies – the white chocolate version of brownies – yum!


  96. Perfect companion to a cup of coffee is a white frozen Lindt chocolate ball, pure heaven!


  97. I have liked on Eharmony Australia on facebook!


  98. The perfect snack to a cup of De Longhi coffee is a chocolate biscuit


  99. A Tim Tam, without a doubt.


  100. A scotch finger biscuit


  101. definitely chocolate brownies as a good combination with coffee:)

  102. A good friend to sit and chat with while sipping on our coffees.:)

  103. Ohh I’m longing for a De’Longhi coffee and macaroon. The style is perfect, the colour is perfect – it’s so me

  104. Im a sucker for Kingston biscuits when having a coffee
    following ion Twitter Squirrel_191
    email st(dot)nelson[at]bigpond(dot)com

  105. Twitter follower Sim Nelson / Squirrel_191

  106. Liked E-Harmony Facebook Page name Sim Nelson

  107. A home made biscuit, just like nan used to make…


  108. If the coffee is seriously good, I like to have it by itself savouring every mouthful! For everyday coffee a good scotch finger is key!

  109. oh and email leahcompATbigpondDOTcom

  110. Bridget Herbert



  111. Chocolate is the ultimate partner with coffee.

  112. A FRESH packet of CRUNCHY HONEYCOMB! Delicious!!


  113. Coffee is best with biscotti of course. (:

  114. Biscuits, especially choc chip cookies.
    erinandshayden@ hotmail.com

  115. With almond biscotti. Perfetto!


  116. With hot out of the oven banana bread and butter.


  117. e harmony liked on Facebook


  118. A piece of warm lemon sour cream cake is always awesomely delicious with a coffee.


  119. Nanna’s home made Cinnamon, Apple Tea Cake.

  120. tim tams for the tim tam slam of course


  121. Sex! (not at the exact same time of course!!)

  122. Enjoying coffee with ease
    A delicious donut a Delonghi accompanies

  123. My coffee is usually drunk in the bathroom whilst doing my makeup or a take-away coffee consumed in the car whilst running around. On weekends when I have time to sit down and appreciate a coffee, I love a beautiful french pastry fresh from the patisserie… 🙂


  124. Coffee scrolls to give me more coffee!
    albeit perhaps making me a little dotty 😀
    Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
    helping me through the day;
    Coffee scrolls with my coffee provides great fuel, I must say!

  125. It would excite me to win. Then I would indulge in a making a quick batch of Mum’s scones and a fabulous cup of coffee to wash the jam and cream down. MMMMMMMMMM

  126. My cofffe is. Y secret lover and my moment of indulgence that i enjoy whe. Kids leave the home to school and hubby to work, and is dealicious with a. Simple toast of raisin bread the perfect. Mix to boost my day

  127. judithperezbejar@gmail.com. Follow. On twitter. Mummafasshauer, liker on facebook judith mumma fasshauer.

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  129. What could go better with the perfect morning coffee? For me, it’s a toasted muffin with smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce on the top.

    Email: cfrancis1970@gmail.com

  130. My best friend, a good conversation great beans and time to saviour the 3

  131. I lovely slice of chocolate sponge. Mmmmmm

  132. I love coffee and a good biscuit.

  133. Coffee + chocolate brownie please.
    Lauren Scott ljscomp@hotmail.com

  134. Freshly baked Raspberry and Lime Friands. Yum!

  135. I’m only new to drinking coffee. Decided I loved an espresso on a recent holiday in Italy. A little biscotti on the side will do nicely! yelpatse@hotmail.com

  136. Certainly coffee with a Tim Tam, an old Aussie favourite but certainly a goodie xo

    Fingers crossed to win

    Thanks so much for the opportunity
    Amanda from Amanda’s Mummy Jeans,

  137. Fresh, hot cinnamon scroll!

  138. Coffee and a cupcake – simple, sweet and delicious!


  139. Following you on Twitter 🙂


  140. Any type of sweet chocolate biscuit – great Comp!!!

  141. For me I Love a super soft and fluffy Melting Moment with a nicehot cup of coffee………Am I making you hungry..lol

  142. Dark chocolate coated macadamian nuts, mmmm an addictive blend to my senses!!

  143. I always De’Longhi for
    a muffin with my coffee
    Its the best “muffin top” in town.

  144. When I find my seld De’Longhing for a coffe,
    I reach for a vanilla slice,
    For the perfect afternoon delight.

  145. I love a melting moment biscuit with my coffee, delish!

  146. I love a generous serve of Tiramisu, unbeatable.

  147. A cup of good coffee and a Portugese tart! Blass.

  148. A great cup of coffee has me De’Longhi(ng) for a fresh fruit tart with custard trim.

  149. Persian Orange cake and coffee – mmmmm.

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