You can tell that Tomboy is owned by girls.  It’s immediately obvious from all the sweet little details like the jam jars of flowers, leather detailing on the aprons worn by the waiting staff and the bright candy cane striped straws our juices come served with.

Mandarin juice at Tomboy – completed with straw

Pia Hambour and Georgina March originally started off as bakers, supplying gluten free goodies to cafes such as De Clieu and Brother Bada Budan.  Now you can get their Box Brownies baked goods direct from Tomboy along with a short breakfast and lunch menu which is written up on brown paper hanging from the wall of the cafe.

The window of Tomboy – stocked with baked goods

The coffee at Tomboy is from Seven Seeds made with a Synessa machine and my latté has lovely caramel undertones with a smooth finish.  There’s a freshly squeezed juice of the day as well, the mandarin juice is sweet and thick with pulp.

Egg tacos at Tomboy

The breakfast menu gives a nod to Melbourne’s current Mexican obsession with egg tacos ($12.50).  The eggs are fried and served on soft tortillas topped with guacamole and kernels of fresh corn.

Old school speakers are built into the counter at Tomboy 

There’s an ever changing tart of the day and on our visit it was a creamy tart filled with roasted pumpkin, caramelised onion and fetta ($12.50).  The pastry was soft and crumbly and the tart was topped with a tangy rocket salad.

The tart of the day with pumpkin, fetta and caramelised onions

Although Tomboy has been born out of Box Brownies, the sweet stuff at Tomboy was not as strong as the savoury.  There were three different types of brownie on our visit but the chocolate and macadamia brownie I tried was dry and crumbly – I like my brownies fudge. Service is still a little slow but hopefully that will improve as the staff settle in.  Despite those two complaints I’m happy to have Tomboy in my ‘hood.  Sure there’s a cafe over supply in the area but the little details at Tomboy set it apart from the other cafes on the strip.

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Details: Tomboy, 356 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066 (Ph +61 3 9486 0162 )

Damage: Pricey.  $72 for three.  

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  1. Egg tacos sound tasty; hopefully that’s a trend that’ll travel…!

  2. This place looks delightful. I’m quite taken with the candy cane stripe straws lately too!

  3. Those straws are adorable.

  4. How CUTE is this place? I love the name too… adding to my “next Melb trip” hit list 🙂

  5. Blonde – Look out for it in London soon!

    Catherine – So cute

    Tori – Yes I think you would like this place

    Andi – I know!

    Catty – I am sure you have a long list already…

  6. The place looks so cute! And those eggy tacos look so good!

  7. $72.00 for three is pricey? hmm, not quite sure where you go for breakfast in melbourne but $24 pp is perfectly reasonable.

  8. Shellie – Yes it’s super cute

    Anon – I struggle with whether to define most Melbourne brekkies as pricey or reasonable. You are right that $24 pp is pretty standard so I look at how much food you actually get for that. I agree though it’s a fine line!

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