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Have you heard of Eat Your Books?  If you are like me and slightly (!) addicted to buying cook books then it is one of the best websites out there.  The people behind Eat Your Books have indexed hundreds and thousands of cook books, magazines and blogs including the majority of the ones I own from my back issues of Gourmet Traveller to my dog eared copy of Stephanie Alexander’s Cooks Companion.  Joining Eat My Books means an end to dilemmas like “I bought a heap of broccoli but what can I cook” or “I’m sure there was a recipe for chocolate cake made with olive oil in one of my cook books but I can’t remember which one”.  You just type broccoli or chocolate and olive oil into Eat Your Books and it will give you recipe suggestions along with identifying the cook book in your collection you are looking for.

The Eat Your Books homepage featuring Gourmet Chick and the other new blogs added

What makes Eat Your Books even better is that Gourmet Chick has just been added to the index.  I’m super excited about this and feel honoured to be included in the company of blogs like David Lebovitz, Smitten Kitchen and Kavey Eats.  Membership of the site costs $US25 a year but Eat Your Books has given me a prize of lifetime membership for one Gourmet Chick reader.

Here’s what the nice people at Eat Your Books had to say about Gourmet Chick

Here’s what you need to do to win:

1.  To enter the competition to win one lifetime membership to Eat Your Books leave a comment below with the title of your favourite cook book. If you don’t have a blog please make sure you leave an email address or Twitter name in the comment so I can contact you if you win, or email me directly on missgourmetchick[at]gmail[dot]com if you don’t want to leave details on your comment.

2.  Also either follow Eat Your Books on Twitter or “like” Eat Your Books on Facebook.

3.  The competition is open worldwide and it closes at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time on Friday  19 October. A winner of the Eat Your Books life time membership will be selected using and the winner will be announced on Gourmet Chick on  Monday 22 October.

Good luck.  


  1. This is such a cool idea that I read about also in Gourmet Traveller a few months back. I’ve been meaning to check it out but forgot the name of the site. Thanks for reminding me and congrats for being featured!! That’s awesome!

    1. ooops forgot to mention my fave cookbook, sooo hard to just pick one. I have just borrowed and am loving the Cumulus Inc book. Every recipe I’ve cooked from there has been a hit.

  2. Ottolenghi- jerusalem! so good!

  3. This is fantastic – whilst I knew of Eat Your Books I haven’t used it and didn’t really grasp the features / benefits. Now I do 😀 Congratulations on being featured in it!

  4. I need to be a member of Eat Your Books!
    The books I constantly go back to are Nigel Slaters, his food really gels with me and they always work. BUT at the moment I can’t get my nose out of Jerusalem, so inspiring, such great photos, such passion.

  5. OMG I really need to be a member of Eat Your Books asap! On average I am buying at least 2 to 3 cookbooks a MONTH! It’s crazy 🙂

    My all time favourite would have to be Nigella Lawson’s books ALL of them but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nigella’s Kitchen 🙂

    Thank you so much for the chance of winning!

  6. I’m reading Ideas In Food and I absolutely adore it. It’s an unusual cookbook but it contains thought-provoking recipes and inspires me to experiment with food (and the science nerd in me is doing a little dance at the same time).

  7. I am a cookery book addict. I gave up counting around the 600 mark. Each one at the time of reading and using was/is my favourite, and they will be again when I go back to them. I try and justify the collection with the hope that someday someone will offer me a job as a recipe researcher and I will be fully equipped with every book I could possible need: High altitude baking, Hungarian, whole-food,gluten free etc etc I have just the book! Some like Le Cordon Bleu The Cooks’ Bible are far more than recipe collections as it contains all the techniques and methods that some recipes/books assume you know, this book inspired me to change career and try and become a chef. I am currently in love with Dessert by David Everitt-matthias, his plates are works of art, the descriptions make me drool, while the techniques, ideas and inspiration leave me in awe. I am also reading Josie Stow’s The African Kitchen, about cooking on safari reserves and now I want desperately to go on a safari!

  8. My favorite cookbook would have to be All About Braising, very delicious recipes!

  9. My fav cookbook is The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook: The Essential Recipe Collection for Today’s Home Cook.


  10. “Delicious – 5 of the Best” Easy and also scrumptious recipes I make again and again!
    beth.corbould at

  11. Hmm all time fav that’s a tough one! I’m really enjoying Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals atm!

  12. Pasta Fresca by Viana La Place and Evan Kleiman.
    twitter @spasilly

  13. The best cookbook of all times is “How to cook everything” by Mark Bittmen
    You cannot make a bad dish if you follow his advise.

  14. My favorite cookbook is my Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream cookbook- who doesn’t love having delicious ice cream recipes on hand?
    Twitter: @cjannace

  15. I love Eat Your Books and would be thrilled to win this prize. My favorite cookbook right now is the Back in the Day Bakery cookbook.

  16. I love Eat Your Books and would be thrilled to win this prize. My favorite cookbook right now is the Back in the Day Bakery cookbook.

  17. Great idea, my fav book at the moment is Memories of Gascony ~ Pierre Koffmann

  18. My favourite cook book at the moment is Bake by Alison Thompson – so many good recipes that I seem to be using all the time – Natasha Sherwood

  19. One day I’ll be reunited with all my cookbooks (taking up half of our storage in a garage in Sydney). The one I’m most looking forward to spending time with is The Cook’s Companion- was bought for my 21st birthday, was the start of it all.

  20. Oh, my fav cookbook is King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking. It lives on my countertop, never to be put on the bookshelf!

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