Rockwell and Sons

It’s Wednesday which means the week is halfway through and also its fried chicken day at Rockwell and Sons, one of the newer addition to the Smith Street restaurant strip.  The restaurant is stripped back and bare with exposed brick walls and bare tables, it looks a bit like a bachelor pad where nobody has bothered to finish decorating or to put up any photos.

The spread for fried chicken Wednesday at Rockwell and Sons – Picture thanks to Joyce at Mel Hot or Not
Chefs Casey Wall and Manu Potoi have devised a menu which rides the wave of American comfort food which is currently swamping Melbourne.  Think Huxtaburger, My Mexican Cousin, The MerryWell and Belle’s Diner.  Think burgers, beers and on Wednesdays… fried chicken.  
The piggy sign at Rockwell and Sons
The fried chicken costs $60 for an organic chicken served in eight pieces brined, softened in buttermilk and deep fried until crispy.  The price includes coleslaw, a pea salad, creamy mac and cheese and buttermilk “biscuits” which are very similar to scones.   I ate there with my friends Joyce and Majella and we had leftovers between three  so you could easily share the meal between four bringing fried chicken Wednesday down to a bargain basement price of $15 a head.  
A plate full of fried chicken goodness at Rockwell and Sons – Picture thanks to Joyce at Mel Hot or Not
I’ve also visited Rockwell and Sons on a standard weeknight to try out its pressed rib sandwich with dill, fennel and onion ($12).  Sandwiched between crisp, lightly toasted bun the ribs are juicy and a splash of BBQ sauce gives a tangy kick to it.  To accompany the chicken or sandwiches its all about the beer list at Rockwell and Sons with lots of boutique and independent brews on offer.
Pressed rib sandwich at Rockwell and Sons
If you get a group together fried chicken night at Rockwell and Sons is a bargain.  The fried chicken was good, very good indeed although it’s shameful to admit that it’s perhaps not the same level of delicious badness as the “dirty bird” KFC.  
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Details: Rockwell and Sons, 288 Smith St, Collingwood 3066 (Ph 03 84150700) Open Mon 12pm-10pm, Wed: 6pm-10pm, Thurs: 12pm-10pm, Fri: 12pm-11pm, Sat: 10am-11pm, Sun: 10am-10pm.
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. Rockwell & Sons must be trending something massive right now. I’ve read so many reviews and all pretty positive, so I can’t wait to check it out … but I’m with you on the KFC score … nothing like a greasy bucket o’ chicken from the colonel sanders stable.

  2. I’d like to put my face in that Mac’n’Cheese. Fried chicken’s not really my bag, but I could probably bring myself to eat a rib sandwich 😉

  3. Awwwh I love this sort of food. I swear I’d become the ‘side of a house’ if I lived in Melbourne. I still want to though 🙂

  4. Temasek – Yes it did just get a review in Epicure as well so seems to be flavour of the month. Interested to hear what you think.

    Anna – If you had to force yourself…

    Vintage Macaroon – I think anyone might be the side of a house if they ate too much of this fried chicken!

  5. Fried chicken any day of the week is good… i have to say that pressed pork sammich with coleslaw looks divine! I wouldn’t mind that right now..

  6. Catty – I think you would like it very much – put it on your list for next time you are in Melbourne.

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