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While house hunting for the last couple of months I have been renting a friend’s place with Meat-and-Three-Veg (MTV) in Richmond.  It’s been a good opportunity to discover the Switzerland of Melbourne.  While Richmond is technically north of the river I think it is viewed by both north and south siders as a neutral zone wedged in between the two warring sectors where both groups can meet to go for dinner, the footy, have drinks, shop at the discount stores or of course have brunch.  Luckily Richmond really does excel itself on the brunch front so with a plethora of places to choose from these are my favourite four places.

Potato hash with bacon, poached egg and lemon myrtle hollondaise at Gypsey and Musquito

1.  Pillar of Salt
In a converted old warehouse on Swan Street, Pillar of Salt has a great feel on a summers day with the big windows opening and the courtyard out the back packed.  Every dish on the menu really delivers so it is hard to go wrong ordering.  That said, my favourites are the crunchy corn fritters that come served with folds of smoke salmon and a fresh coriander and avocado salsa that really makes the fritters pop ($16.50).  If you are hungover the red chilli scrambled eggs ($16.50) are almost guaranteed to blast your headache away.  The scrambled eggs are flecked with lots of chilli, finely sliced bacon and spring onion.  Seriously spicy but seriously good.  The coffee is excellent at the Pillar which serves up five senses and there is also all the third wave coffee stuff if you want to get serious like Aeropress and syphon.

Red chilli eggs at Pillar of Salt – this photo does not do justice to the number of chillis, there are heaps

Details: Pillar of Salt, 541 Church Street  Richmond (Ph 03 9421 1550) Open Mon – Fri 7.30am – 4.30pm, Sat – Sun 8am -5pm,
Damage: Reasonable
9/10 Pillar of Salt on Urbanspoon

2.  Friends of Mine
Bright pops of cheery yellow from the awnings and furniture greet you upon arrival at Friends of Mine.  Not to mention the groaning cake cabinet.  Walls are bare brick, with polished concrete floors and certain eyecatching features like the huge chandeliers swinging from the ceiling and the artfully arranged collection of vintage shoe horns. The entrance is lined with shelves with gourmet deli goodies handy for locals who have an urgent need for tapenade or for compulsive shoppers. The brunch on offer is a little creative and coffee is key of course using a  great blend made with skill.  Full review here.

The sunny yellow interior of Friends of Mine

Details: Friends of Mine, 506 Swan street, Richmond 3121 (Ph +61 3 9428 7516)
Damage: Reasonable

3. Gypsey and Musquito
Named after two Australian bush rangers (no I haven’t ever heard of them either) Gypsey and Musquito sets itself apart from the usual brunch places with its focus on Australian ingredients.  I love that you can order emu sausages, bush berries and Tasmanian leatherwood honey here along with Australian loose leaf tea grown in the Daintree.   The herbed potato hash ($16) topped with crispy free range bacon is sensational.  I particularly loved the lemon myrtle hollondaise sauce it was slathered with although the accompanying poached egg wasn’t runny enough.  Don’t miss the fresh juice slushies that come served in jam jars.  I loved the Bluetongue Lizard ($6.50)  an icy mix of crushed blueberries, apple juice and mint.  Special mention of the amount of gluten free options on the menu here.

The Bluetongue Lizard with a latte at Gypsey and Musquito

Details: Gypsey and Musquito, 382 Bridge Road, Richmond (Ph 03 9939 9314) Open Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm, Sat -Sun 8am -4pm.
Damage: Reasonable
7/10 Gypsey & Musquito on Urbanspoon

4.  Dimitri’s Feast
Dimitri’s Feast is a sunny breakfast spot on Swan Street marinated in Greek pride.  Everything is white and blue and there’s a gorgeous little sunny courtyard out the back where you can pretend you are on a Greek island.  The breakfast’s here are spot on with the best being the smashed avocado with bacon, poached egg and confit cherry tomatoes ($17.50).  A great vegetarian offer are the sage mushrooms with Manouri cheese on toast which is pretty aggressively priced ($17.50).  I’m very keen to come back here for lunch or dinner but be warned Dimitri’s is tiny so best not to come with a big group, a pram or wheelchair.

Smashed avocado, poached eggs and cherry tomatoes on toast at Dimitri’s Feast – Instagram pic you can follow me on there at @carawaters

Details: Dimitri’s Feast, 141 Swan Street, Richmond, (Ph 03 9428 8659) Open Tue – Fri 7.30-4.30, Sat – Sun 8am -4.20, during Daylight Savings open Thur – Sat 6pm -11pm for dinner.
Damage: Reasonable
6/10 Demitri's Feast on Urbanspoon



  1. Friends of Mine is on my wishlist as they do all free range meat & eggs (yay). I hope we get there on our Feb trip to Melbs. Can you tell a hapless Sydneysider what tram we should get from the city to Richmond??? Ta!

  2. Oh wow, that last photo from Dimitri’s makes me want to get the next flight to Melbourne just for breakfast tomorrow!!!

  3. Utter brunch envy – you Melburnians really do it best!

  4. Missy Piggy – The 48 tram from Collins street takes you down Bridge Road

    Just A chef – Go on!

    Katy Salter – Well we don’t have the champagne brunches like NYC which I am quite a fan of

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