Candied Bakery

On a sunny Sunday afternoon I decided to take a road trip to Melbourne’s newest bakery.  Windows down and tennis on the radio I headed across the Westgate Bridge and… stopped.  There was no driving off into the sunset for me because Candied Bakery has opened up in Spotswood right at the very foot of the Westgate.

Helloooo honey joy cheesecake
A yellow neon sign points the way to the shopfront a couple of doors down from the acclaimed Duchess of Spotswood.  Candied Bakery shows the influence of David Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar in New York but with a firmly Australian slant to the menu.  It’s a simple space with polished concrete floors and plain wooden tables and chairs brightened up with the occasional pop of canary yellow.  Past the counter piled with sweet goodies you can see a huge open kitchen that is much bigger than the shop front where a team of bakers are hard at work.  
Menu on the wall at Candied Bakery
Owners chef Toula Ploumidis and baker Orlando Artavilla started Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie in Brunswick together but after selling that and heading over to the United States to do some research they came back and opened Candied Bakery.  The goodies on offer take you straight back to your childhood from chocolate marshmallow cookies  to apple pie milkshakes ($6.50).  Don’t worry though, this is a bakery for grown ups. The flaky egg and bacon pie ($5.60) is laced with chilli giving a welcome kick to a classic dish.
Egg and bacon pie at Candied Bakery
A particularly Australian sense of humour and cheekiness is clear from the humongous lamingtons ($5) on display in the cake cabinet, to the Milo milkshake and mini cheesecake topped with honey joy mixture ($5.20). That cheesecake is a work of art with the crunchy honey joy topping providing a textural balance to the creamy and smooth cheesecake mixture.  
Inside Candied Bakery
There’s decent coffee on offer as well made from a gleaming La Marzocco espresso machine using a local roast by Espresso Syndicate.  On the bench Candied Bakery has a good selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines (hello Gourmet Traveller) if you want to settle in for the afternoon.  
Check out the size of the lamingtons and brownies at Candied Bakery
If you feel like a road trip which takes you to New York and back just by crossing the Westgate then I think a visit to Candied Bakery is definitely in order.  It’s a fun place with a bit of spunk and you can’t help leaving with a big smile on your face.  
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Details: Candied Bakery, 81A Hudsons Road, Spotswood (Ph 03 9391 1335) Open: Wed – Sat 7.30am – 4pm, Sun 8am – 4pm. 
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  1. The honey joy cheesecake looks perfect! I hope it’s available when I venture back next time.

  2. Looks like there’s a slight hint of Movida bakery here. Awesome.

  3. The Honeyjoy cheesecake is inventive and looks delicious!

    Were the brownies the same price as the lamingtons?

  4. I am reeling at the size of that lamington. Is looks like a rectangle, not a square! Sounds impressive all up 🙂

  5. Apple pie milkshakes- I had one at The Stand in NYC- hoping their version is just as good. This is a place that sounds like terrific fun.

  6. Catherine – Yes I am trying to work out how to recreate it at home as it was so good

    Ying – Yes similar fit out and also the whole idea of a contemporary bakery but I think Candied bakery is a bit more quirky than the Movida Bakery.

    Sophie – Brownies were $5.20 – it’s expensive but they are huge

    Kari – I know it was too big to tackle alone, will have to go back with a friend or get takeaway.

    Tori – Ooh what was the Strand’s version like?

  7. Honey j0ou cheesecake – inspired!! Although I am also much tempted by that perfectly flaky pie… This reminds me of places in South Africa (esp. the Milo milshake!!)

  8. Honey JOY cheesecake. even…!

  9. This place looks great. I never got to any of the Milk Bars in New York but have made a few things from Ms Tosi’s book which I love.

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