Wye River General Store: Gourmet Chick on the Surf Coast

School holidays are over so it means it’s the perfect time to head to the beach.  The roads will be a lot quieter, prices cheaper and even the weather is generally better at this time of year.  If you decide to take my advice and drive along the Great Ocean Road and keep on going past Lorne you come to the tiny little town of Wye River.

The Great Ocean Road from Lorne to Wye River

While usually a general store in a beach side town that only boasts the store and a pub to its name doesn’t offer too much hope of a good feed Wye River General Store is a bit different.  You can tell from the moment you walk in and see the house baked bread for sale and check out the spacious decking and polished concrete floors thanks to a renovation by Six Degrees Architects.  The place still has a casual unpretentious feel with customers wandering around in bathers and wet suits or with their dogs in tow.

Calamari and the papers at Wye River General Store

The calamari here was excellent – vibrantly fresh and lightly crumbed with semolina.  My only quibble was the size, it was a pretty tiny serve for $16.

Steak sandwich and chips at Wye River General Store

The steak sandwich off the specials board was even more of a wallet gouger at $22.  It was overpriced but did deliver with top quality steak and great crisp accompanying chips.  To finish off a meal at the Wye River General Store  there is a great pastry cabinet and while the custard tarts are very hard to go past I can also recommend the sublime strawberry and pistachio tart.

Strawberry and pistachio tart at the Wye River General Store

Be prepared for prices which are even more expensive than Melbourne at the Wye River General Store.   But you also get the type of gourmet quality which would make any city slicker turned beach sider happy.

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Details: Wye River General Store, Great Ocean Road, Wye River, 3221 (Ph 03 5289 0247)
Damage: Pricey.

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  1. Although things are improving, I get frustrated to no end by the number of places in country towns that serves ordinary food and high prices “because they can”. I expect to pay more but give me some quality, not so etching that teeters on the edge of passability.

    Good to hear these guys have it right. Will be sure to check it out when I’m down there next time.

  2. What a great place to stop on the Great Ocean Road. One day I am going to drive that road – it has been on my Australian To Do list for so long! – and I will try to remember to check this place out 🙂

  3. I love traveling along the Great Ocean Rd, and the stop you made at Wye River General Store does sound delicious! The strawberry and pistachio tart!!! Yummy! Not so fussed on the prices though 🙁

  4. Paul – Yes it’s a shame when some of the best produce can be found in countryside towns

    Kari – Oh you must it’s a brilliant drive. Lots to see (and eat) along the way as well.

    Gourmet Getaways – A few well placed stops along the way make the drive all the better I think.

  5. There are some great places on the Great Ocean Road. I would have liked you to have stayed longer Cara, and we could have showed you quite a few other places. We have Otway Harvest Trails, 12 Apostles Food trails and a lot in between including truffles grown near Apollo Bay.

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