Melbourne’s best ice-cream

It’s a little known fact that I once worked in an ice-cream shop for all of about three hours.  That’s as long as I lasted in what was back breaking work bending over the ice-cream tubs and using every arm muscle I had to scoop out the ice-cream.  So lets just say respect for people who work in ice-cream stores.  As for those who actually make the ice-cream, my adventures in ice-cream making at home have already taught me there’s a high level of skill that goes into it.

Now that a long, hot summer has allowed me to indulge in ice-cream by the tub load, I’ve come up with my list of the three best ice-cream shops in Melbourne.  Which are your favourites?

1.  Gelateria Primavera at Spring Street Grocery
The first giveaway that you are in serious gelati territory is when you walk into this gelati store at the front of Spring Street Grocery and see half a dozen metal lids on the counter.  Just like in any decent gelati store in Italy, the gelati at Gelateria Primavera is not on display in glass cabinets.  The menu is written up on butchers paper and changes according to what ingredients are in season and available on the day.  I was tempted by the salted caramel and chilli but instead went for the straciatella with Manuka honey.  It was gelati just like you get in Italy.  So creamy and none of that icey texture that is sadly all to common in Australian gelati.  My favourite ice-cream store in Melbourne.

Straciatella with Manuka honey at gelateria primavera


Details: Gelateria Primavera at Spring Street Grocery, 157 Spring Street, Melbourne (Ph 03 9639 0335) Open 9am-10.30.
Damage: Pricey $4.50 for a single serve
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2. Helados Jauja
When I think ice-cream I usually think Italy not Argentina, but that’s my mistake because those South Americans are obsessed with ice-cream.  Ex lawyer Po-Lin set up her ice-cream Argentinian styled ice-cream store in the heart of gelati  territory on Lygon street and has not looked back.  The ice-cream is handmade in the store with natural ingredients.  Helados Juaja doesn’t use flavouring, colouring or premixes so the ice cream you get has the fresh and vibrant flavour that you get when you make your own ice-cream but this has a much more professional finish.  There’s a heap of flavours and the rosewater with pistachio is sensational but it’s hard to go past the Argentinian classic of salty but sweet Dulce de leche studded with chocolate chips.

Dulce de leche action at Helados Jauja

Details: Helados Jauja, 254 Lygon Street, Carlton (Ph 03 9041 2927) 1.45pm -10.30pm.
Damage: Budget breaking. $5.30 for a single serve.
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3.  Fritz Gelato
Fritz seems intent on world domination at this stage with outlets springing up around Melbourne and even down the coast.  Although I prefer little independent stores rather than chains replicated everywhere I can see why Fritz is universally popular. Fritz’s ice-cream is really good made with organic products and in the Italian gelati style.  The flavours are interesting like the caramalised fig and roasted almond which was rich with slight hints of smokiness and a really soft texture.

Fritz’s caramelised fig and roasted almond

Details: Fritz Gelato, Stall 120, Prahran Market, Elizabeth St, South Yarra (Ph 0414 682 661).  But also at various other locations.
Damage: Pricey $4.50 for a single serve

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  1. I have seen so many photos of Spring Street Grocery that I’m determined it will be my first stop on my next visit to Melbourne. And I love the way Helados Jauja have shaped the dulce de leche ice cream on your cone too!

  2. That is one pointy cone in the middle photo! This is a great post and it is making me crave ice cream 😉

  3. Oh no!!! I am craving ice-cream or gelato so badly now. Th pointy ice-cream in the middle just looks like my mouth could go straight over the top!!! It is such a tease!!!!
    Great images, great story 🙂

  4. Helen – Yes it’s just opened up for sandwiches as well which look great. Worth a trip for sure.

    Kari – I know I love how Helados Juaja shape their ice-creams

    Gourmet Getaway – just writing this gave me major cravings!

  5. What about hokey pokey from jocks in Albert park?!!

  6. […] was seriously smooth, fluffy and oh so creamy.   It’s really a tie between Pidapipo and Spring Street Grocer for the best gelati in Melbourne in my book. […]

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