Langkawi night markets: Gourmet Chick in Malaysia

I’m back in Melbourne and it’s already feeling wintery and I can feel my tan fading as quickly as my memories of my holiday in Langkawi.  Malaysia is a great place to go on holidays if you love food as from the street food to the restaurants its all amazing.  While we ate at lots of great restaurants on Langkawi (more to come on those later) one of my favourite meals was at the Langkawi night market.  The market is on most nights of the week but it changes location every night.  Friday is generally known as the best night to head to the market so we headed there just as the sun was starting to set.

The Friday night market
The Friday night market

A long line of stalls sold every kind of street food and plastic gadget you could ever want to get.  We snacked at different stalls to construct a moveable feast for dinner, almost like a huge open air buffet.

Satay sticks on the grill
Satay sticks on the grill

The smell of satay chicken skewers grilling over the charcoals was impossible to walk past.  The flames are fanned so they lick the chicken, cooking the meat on the inside until it is juicy but leaving crisp, burnt edges on the outside. At RM2 for five sticks they were a bargain as well although the chicken was much more tender than the beef skewers.  

Fresh herbs for sale, fried chicken (just like KFC!) and Malaysian sweets.
Fresh herbs for sale, fried chicken (just like KFC!) and Malaysian sweets.

There were chicken drumsticks being dipped in flour and egg and deep fried in a huge wok filled with oil.  Just like a Malaysian version of KFC.  Better still was a serve of Mee Goreng wrapped in paper was laden with chillis and laced with that special smoky taste which comes from wok hei – the breath of the wok.

Cooking up Mee Goreng
Cooking up Mee Goreng

Of course I had to have dessert as well.  It’s a three course meal at the night markets.  There were lots of Malaysian sweets on offer but the best were the tiny pancakes with condensed milk called Tokiyoo with five pieces for RM1.  

Grilled corn on the cob, milky sweet drinks, and sweet treats

Gourmet Travel Tips

  • We flew to Langkawi from Singapore with Air Asia.  Flights were the equivalent of $50 and the flights took an hour and a half.
  • Langkawi is really easy to drive around and hire cars are very cheap. If you are visiting at a non-peak time it’s cheaper to wait until you get to the airport to hire a car rather than getting one in advance.  The hire car we had worked out to the equivalent of $15 a day.
  • We stayed at the beautiful Temple Tree resort.    
Satay galore
Satay galore

Details: The location of the night market changes every night but there’s a free map which details its location each night which you can get at the airport. 
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve. The night market is the cheapest meal you will have on Langkawi it’s hard to spend more than RM15 all up even if you gorge yourself. 


  1. Thank goodness you had dessert. It looks like this is one place you don’t want to miss any of the courses!

  2. Dear Cara,

    One of the best meals in Langkawi is Wolfgang’s by the beach – grilled lobster thermidor and beers while watching the sun set.

  3. I’m desperate to go somewhere warm when winter sets in-well it feels like it has already set in so I’m sure I’ll be very eager come June or July!

  4. Mamma mia.. this looks friggin awesome!



  5. Kari – Yes a four course meal was called for.

    Chopin – Oh dear I missed Wolfgang’s – a good excuse to go back!

    Lorraine – The weather has really turned in Melbourne as well. A sunny holiday is the perfect fix.

    Trishna – it was awesome. Wish I was still there…

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