Breakfast boarding at Tall Timber

The breakfast board isn’t a form of torture – it’s on the menu at newly opened cafe Tall Timber.  I met my friend Jo for lunch there but still couldn’t resist ordering from the all day breakfast menu.  It’s a common problem for me and is why my pet hate is a cafe which cuts off it’s breakfast at lunch time.  The people behind Tall Timber also run Port Melbourne’s Station St Trading Co and are ex Coin Laundry in Armadale so they are far to clever for any rookie error like that.  


The cafe is on Commercial road, just down from the Prahran market.  It’s got the chic good looks you expect to find in this part of town.  Tall ceilings, white washed walls and pegs which are used to hang everything from spare chairs to the staff aprons.  Check out Tall Timber’s Facebook page for some great photos of all the time and thought which went into the cafe’s design.  The effort has paid off with a setting which opens up to the outdoors even on a Winter’s day.  Lots of people were eating outside either on the street side tables which catch the sun or in the courtyard out the back which features  a bit communal table with a herb garden in the middle.  

The pared back interior of Tall Timber

Back to breakfast.  For the indecisive Tall Timber’s breakfast board ($14.50) offers a taste of everything.  There’s a bowl of housemade cereal topped with a dollop of yoghurt, poached fruit, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a single perfectly cooked poached egg on toast.  It sort of feels like you are eating from a mini hotel buffet and I really enjoyed all the little samples.

The fritter at Tall Timber

 If you really have to have lunch, there is a deliciously fat golden fried fritter sitting on top of a plate of ruby red roasted beetroot ($15).   It’s perfect Wintery food.  A minimalist white La Marzocco machine in the corner signals that Tall Timber is serious about it’s coffee as well as what it serves up to eat.  The blend used is local from Niccolo’s roastery. My latte was full bodied but smooth with a great finish.  

My latte and the Tall Timber courtyard
My latte and the Tall Timber courtyard

Thanks Tall Timber – I feel a little bit chicer just having eaten at your cafe.  

Details: Tall Timber, 60 Commercial Road, Prahran (Ph 03 96769333) Open: Mon to Fri 7:00 am – 4:30 pm, Sat to Sun 7:30 am – 4:30 pm.
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. I like it when breakfast runs later-I love breakfast food but I’m a late riser given the choice!

  2. I agree, I love breakfast food but I can’t stomach too much in the morning except my coffee, so I am always pleased when I can have a late breakfast 🙂

    The food looks delish!

  3. I really enjoyed my visit to Tall Timber last weekend! Great space, surprised I missed out on the fritters! Will have to try them next time 🙂

  4. Lorraine – Breakfast for lunch is the best!

    Gourmet Getaways – That morning coffee is so important…

    Ashley – Good to hear you liked it as well.

  5. I am a bit slow off the mark to read this post! Great review and great breakfast/lunch (I think I’ve heard someone call it ‘brunch’ once or twice before. If you add in a coffee it should be called ‘crunch’)

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