Gourmet Chick in Sunday Style and a new arrival

Hi to any new readers who spotted Gourmet Chick in Sunday Style today.  I was very flattered to be included in the special foodie issue and had no idea Gourmet Chick was going to be featured as one of Australia’s “Top Notch Bloggers”.  It was a nice surprise to get a text from a friend this morning saying I was in the paper although she did have me slightly worried as to what for and I desperately racked my brain for anything incriminating I had done recently.  


Luckily it was all good.  Sunday Style says “Waters chronicles her search for Melbourne’s best eating and drinking, along with travel tales and recipes. Engaging and well-written, Gourmet Chick posts regularly – but isn’t caught up in ambulance-chasing openings.  A good read.” 


Other bloggers highlighted Sunday Style include some of my personal favourites – fellow Melburnians Lauren Wambach of Footscray Food Blog and Yasmeen Richards of Wandering Spice.  I also love their picks of Michael Ellis of The Wine Punter and Billy  Law (ex MasterChef) of A Table for Two.  I’m flattered to be in their company.  It’s worth grabbing a copy if you can as there’s quite a few interesting articles.  

The best thing I’ve ever made

But my five seconds of fame in Sunday Style has been overshadowed by a momentous event this week – the birth of my baby daughter.  We brought her home from hospital this morning and she is absolutely gorgeous.  She is already an excellent eater and her mother is looking forward to returning to her usual pre pregnancy diet of champagne and soft cheese! 


For those who are new readers to Gourmet Chick today here are some of my favourite posts which should give you a good place to start.  

Welcome again! 


  1. Congrats on the arrival on the new bub!!

  2. Caps off a momentous week doesn’t it! Enjoy you deserve it.

  3. Congrats on the mention but even bigger congrats on your new arrival. She’s an angel!

  4. What a week! Congratulations on everything. She is absolutely sublime (and bring on the soft cheese and champagne I say).

  5. Good work on getting to a computer straight from hospital! Can’t wait to meet the little one.

  6. OMG WHAT A WEEK!!!!!! CONGRATS! I didn’t even know you were pregnant, how is that? She’s gorgeous!

  7. Congratulations!!!! On both counts of course but particularly on your new daughter – I didn’t even realise you were pregnant! What wonderful news, and I hope you’re all doing well xox

  8. Congratulations! Such awesome news – both pieces. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, congratulations Cara she is beautiful x

  10. Your daughter is positively gorgeous. Congratulations! Glad to hear she is already doing well and you’re adjusting to your new role 🙂

    Really wonderful to be featured alongside you in Sunday Style. What a treat!

  11. A double congrats to you, Cara. Well done!

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