Beware of developing a donut addiction at Cobb Lane

I’m not usually a donut eating person.  Perhaps that’s why the whole cronut phenomenon failed to really excite me.  But I may just have been converted to a Homer Simpson like donut devotion by Matt Forbes at Cobb Lane in Yarraville.  Cobb Lane opened up just before Christmas but there was some serious anticipation around this little cafe due to Forbes’ past experience as the pastry chef at Vue de Monde.  

Honey custard donut topped with honeycomb at Cobb Lane

My appetite was whetted by Cobb Lane’s stall at Taste of Melbourne where Forbes was whipping up ice-cream sandwiches made from slightly bitter, dark crumbly cookies providing a great foil for rich salted caramel and cardamon ice-cream.  Like an Oreo but in ice-cream form.  So it didn’t take me long to head over to Yarraville to visit the tiny cafe which is decked out with lots of pale timber and white washed brick walls.  There’s pops of colour in the baby blue jelly moulds which serve as plant pots hanging in the window, but all the eye candy you need is in the pastry cabinet displaying Forbes’ handiwork.  There are cookies, doughnuts, loafs of freshly baked bread and all manner of delicious looking pastry confections. 

Hello raspberry and rosewater eclair at Cobb Lane

 My honey custard doughnut topped with honeycomb ($4.50) was delicious: soft and slightly chewy, covered in crunchy sugar and with a custard filling oozing from the centre.  I also loved the shocking pink colour of the rose water and raspberry eclair and the delicate layers of pastry inside.  Coffees ($4) are from Clement Coffee Roasters.  There’s a blend and a seasonal single origin. My latte was creamy and sufficiently heart starting.   

Cobb Lane ice-cream sandwich at Taste of Melbourne – but also available at the cafe for $6

I went with my friend Lizzie who lives just down the road and she reckons the breakfast menu while limited is pretty good.  In particular the British Breakfast ($17.50) which comes with black pudding, Welsh rarebit on brioche and best of all, a Scotch egg.  What could be better than an egg, wrapped in sausage and deep fried?  If there is anything that could sway me from my new found donut addiction – it’s a Scotch egg.

Details: Cobb Lane, 13 Anderson street, Yarraville (Ph 03 9687 1538) Open Tues – Sun
Damage: Reasonable. 
Kids: The cafe’s tiny and there aren’t any high chairs so it’s tricky to bring kids.  Try at off peak times. 
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  1. This place looks positively dangerous!!! I would be in trouble as all those sweets look amazing… I would have to try everything!!

  2. […] …not usually a donut eating person.Perhaps that’s why the whole cronut phenomenon failed to really excite me.But I may just have been converted to a Homer Simpson like donut devotion by Matt Forbes…See all stories on this topic […]

  3. That donut looks awesome! I don’t often eat donuts, so when I do, I want them to be amazing, hehe.

  4. That ice cream sandwich looks wicked and word has it that eclairs are the new macarons! lol

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