Coffee geeking at LB2

I’m loving all the coffee places popping up in Melbourne’s CBD at the moment.  One of the latest is LB2, the sibling to Little Bean Blue which is up the top end of town near Parliament.  


LB2 is down what I like to call the “Beirut” end of the city (as opposed to the more glamorous “Paris” end).  It’s hidden away in an unlikely looking laneway and has got a great looking fit out with thick slabs of timber marking the entrance to the cafe.  Inside it looks like a timber clad science lab.  There are serious looking beakers for the cold drips, black boards detailing the brews on offer and benches to stand and drink your coffee Italian style. 


LB2 serves Axil coffee, there’s a choice from three different beans and regular rotation of the single origins on offer.  There’s the whole gamut of coffee from cold drips to espressos, but I went with my standard latte.  The result was silky smooth with a rich caramel taste.

Chicken wrap at LB2 – best to stick to the coffee


It’s probably best to eat elsewhere though.  LB2 is aimed at coffee purists so there’s only a limited range of pastries and some rather insipid wraps.  Who needs to eat when you can just focus on your caffeine fix? This is one for the coffee fanatics. 


Details: LB2, 2 Gallagher Place, Melbourne (Ph 0417 013 958)
Damage: Reasonable
8/10 for coffee but 4/10 for food.
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  1. I’m a big fan of these little hole in the wall places that are popping up around the city doing one thing, and one thing well. I hope the trend continues.

  2. Paul – I agree. Patricia was one of the original places like this and still one of the best in my view.

  3. The food sounds like it has definitely improved since this review. Both the sweets, and the filled croissants

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