Feeding my kimchi addiction at Frying Colours

I’m currently revisiting some favourite places in London.  The sun is out and there could not be a more lovely place in the world to be.  Of course after five years of living here I do know that most days are not so picture perfect, but the city is certainly turning her charm on for my holiday right now.  But before I start blogging about my travel discoveries I want to share a newly opened Melbourne restaurant, Frying Colours in Kensington.  

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I went for lunch there with my friend Joyce who had won lunch for six people through a Facebook competition run by the restaurant. I never enter Facebook competitions but might have to change my tune after being seriously spoilt at Frying Colours.  The restaurant specialises in Korean food and the seriousness with which this is taken is evident in Frying Colour’s commitment to making its own kimchi.  There are two sorts, one made with the more traditional cabbage and another made with cucumber.  Both were equally fiery and fabulous, although controversially Flying Colours does charge $5 for its kimchi (in Korea they would not DREAM of charging you for kimchi).   

Kimchi dumplings at Frying Colours
Kimchi dumplings at Frying Colours

There are dumplings galore at Frying Colours including the rather excellent kimchi dumplings ($8).  We all preferred these to the more standard dumplings filled with pork ($8). 

Calamari at Frying Colours
Calamari at Frying Colours

There are also lovely fried goodies like this excellent calamari ($16)  in a light, crisp batter and served with a ruby red chilli sauce.  I brought along baby Gourmet Chick and she was occupied for a good half an hour sucking on a calamari tendril.  Delicious.  One disappointment was the bibimbap which was served sizzling hot and still cooking in a thick stone bowl.  Unfortunately it hadn’t achieved that lovely crispy layer of rice on the bottom which is a real highlight of a good bibimbap.  

Korean fried chicken
Korean fried chicken

 Did I mention the Korean fried chicken? Yes fried chicken ($19) is a thing in Korea and the version at Frying Colours is probably best described as a posh version of KFC.  I mean that as a compliment as this stuff is so good it’s addictive.  There’s also a “spicy” version smeared in a red chilli sauce ($32) but I preferred the fried chicken unadorned.  The food was fun and bursting with flavour and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly.  Korean has been threatening to be the next big thing for a while now, and Frying Colours certainly delivers on the hype.  

Details: Frying Colours, 520 Macaulay Rd Kensington (Ph 03 9939 9679) 
Kids: Very child friendly.  Frying Colours is aiming to attract local families so the restaurant has multiple high chairs and were lovely to the three tots we had with us.  
Damage: Reasonable.  But thanks to Joyce’s competition win we didn’t pay. (Thanks Joyce!) 
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  1. Love the name, so catchy! I’m curious on the Kimchi dumplings. Would love to try it with all those spices..mmmm!

    Gourmet Getaways

  2. This is our new local. Have enjoyed it many times.. Including getting take away dumplings a few times.. Because they are really yummy. Nice to see your review. Good newbie with great flavours 🙂 Very happy kensington girl.

  3. The KFC looks mighty fine! 😀

  4. Hahaha love the name of this restaurant! Now I want fried food too!

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