Smell the waffles at Waffee Waffles and coffee

Chocolate coated waffle from Waffee

Follow your nose along Swanston street and you’ll end up at the newly opened Waffee.  It’s a tiny store that makes just two things: waffles and coffee.  The smell emanating from the shop is delicious.  Take note Subway with your whiffs of sickly sweet bread – the Waffee smell is sugary but with the delicious aroma of rich coffee thrown in as well.  

Waffles at waffee

It’s not just the smell which attracts attention, there’s also a huge waffle making machine in full operation in the front window.  If that’s not enough to whet your appetite I don’t know what will.

Waffle making at Waffee
Waffle making at Waffee

The waffles are displayed almost like pieces of art in a glass box in the window.  It’s a clever all white fit out by Hecker-Guthrie which gives the space a modern Scandinavian feel.  I opted for a waffle dipped in chocolate ($3.30) but there are also “premium” options like the waffle with blueberries in.  The waffles are soft inside but burnished and  slightly crisp on the edges giving some textural contrast.  I developed a bit of an addiction to waffles when I lived in Belgium (the home of the waffle) a few years ago and I can say the Waffee waffles are definitely up there. 

Chocolate coated waffle from Waffee
Chocolate coated waffle from Waffee


The coffee is more than an after thought here – made in a gleaming white La Marzocca machine and using Supreme beans.  My latté was smooth although a little on the weak side.  I’m excited that Waffee is in town – it’s a welcome sugar hit alternative to the many cupcake stores in the city and perfect for Melbourne’s current Wintery weather. 

Waffles on display in the Waffee window
Waffles on display in the Waffee window

Detail: Waffee, Shop 1, 77 Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD  (Ph 03 9041 4594).  Also in the Emporium and in Altona.
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve.
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  1. OMG.. my friend! I WANT SOME.. shall go hunt some down during lunch time tomorrow.. so excited!

    p/s also saw your talk advertised in Essential Ingredients 🙂 CONGRATS!

  2. Mmmm…waffles always smell good! I like the name they gave the cafe, so cute! I think the chocolate coated waffle is supreme!!!

    Gourmet Getaways

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