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I still remember my first big trip overseas by myself. I was at university and had saved up for a long time for a trip backpacking around Asia and Europe. I started off in Thailand with some friends and then headed off by myself into Cambodia. I can still remember heading off on the bus to cross the border with a well thumbed Lonely Planet guide my only companion.

T h e  L i l y p a d

I was not that well prepared and had some Thai baht, an ATM card and $100 US sewn into my sleeping bag liner. I think the same Lonely Planet guide had advised me to do this and thank goodness they had because I soon discovered there were no ATMs outside the capital of Cambodia. I had to make that $100 stretch to get me down to Phnom Penh and back into solvency. Luckily the internet was also very limited then and so my parent were oblivious to my severe lack of cash and organisation.

Now I tend to do a little bit more research on the countries I’m visiting. Make that a LOT of research. When you’re travelling with a little baby you don’t want to find yourself in a situation with no money or no accommodation booked. Plus isn’t half the fun of travel in the planning and anticipation?

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