Texas barbecue in Australia: has it jumped the shark?

The sweet smell of American barbecue smoke that’s been hanging in the air looks set to dissipate.  For a while there, the traditional Aussie backyard barbie of snags and lamb chops was eclipsed by American barbecue fever. Rather than cooking food on a hot plate, the hallmark of American barbecue is meat cooked low and slow in a “pit” with no direct contact with the flame. In Melbourne you can get your smokers, steaks and sticky ribs fix at any number of places.  There’s Meat Mother, Meat Maiden, Le Bon Ton, Blue Bonnet Barbecue, Fancy Hank’s BBQ, The Lumber Yard, Big Boy BBQ and The Gem…

American BBQ action at The Gem in Collingwood
American BBQ action at The Gem in Collingwood

Click on through to The Guardian to read the rest of this article.  Or here’s my post on my Top Three BBQ Joints in Melbourne

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