Alice Waters: supermarkets steal our language, but not our links with food

Food is a political issue for Alice Waters. “I’ve always thought of it that way,” she says. It’s not Australia’s cuisine or sights that have finally lured the 70-year-old chef, author and food activist to Australia but a political event on a global stage.  Brisbane’s upcoming G20 conference is the catalyst for Waters’ first visit to the country, where she will speak at both the Sydney Opera House and the Athenaeum theatre in Melbourne about the value of “slow food” in a fast food world.

“I have been encouraged for a very long period of time to come,” she says. Only fear of the long flight held her back. G20’s “very political moment” has been the prompt she needed. “I think – how shall I say this – there are many, many people that are open and wanting to make change.”


Click on over to The Guardian for the rest of the article.  Sadly I’m not related to Alice Waters but it was such a privilege to interview her! 

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  1. What a treat it would be to hear her speak.

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