It’s Chinese New Year: bow to the bao

During Chinese New Year it seems only right to pay homage to the bao. These steamed buns originated in China, perhaps as early as the third century.  Char siu bao – steamed buns stuffed with dark, sweet roast pork – are ubiquitious in China but bao can be found all over Asia.  In Japan, bao known as nikuman are the equivalent of the country’s late-night kebab and you can find bao all over Asia from Tokyo to Taipei.


Click on over to The Guardian to read the rest of my homage to the bao.  

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  1. Hi Cara, these pork buns are my favourite- light and fluffy with the shredded sweet pork in the middle. I looked up a recipe once for these buns and it required ‘wheat starch’, which I had to order online (it looked just like plain wheat flour). Didn’t get around to making them, but will get to it soon! Thanks for sharing!

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