Paris Match: Australian restaurants imitate overseas success stories

Restaurateur Jason Jones is upfront about where he got the idea for his latest restaurant Entrecôte, which has just opened in Melbourne’s South Yarra.  “I’ve been travelling to Paris for many years and one of my favourite restaurants there is Le Relais de L’Entrecôte,” he says.  The legendary restaurant chain in Paris serves just one dish: steak frites. Diners are offered two servings of the steak, smothered in a pepper sauce, and the French fries are unlimited.  “It opened in 1959 and just serves one dish and I loved it and thought it would work in the Australian market,” Jones says.  The Australian Entrecôte serves up exactly the same menu for a set price of $39, and Jones’s team spent eight months trying to replicate Le Relais De L’Entrecôte’s sauce.

The steak frites at Entrecote in South Yarra
The steak frites at Entrecote in South Yarra

Click on over to The Guardian to read the rest of the article.  My review of Entrecote is here

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  1. I must say Jason Jones knows the love for food very well. I am glad that you had a great experience at Entrectoe restaurant in South Yarra. Regarding echoing of concept or idea, I don’t feel it is bad instead I think it is good to introduce a unique food concept to customers. I believe this is good.

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