Breakfast bowls: superfood or just the latest diet fad?

Forget eggs and bacon. Farewell smashed avo. The new way to start your day is with a breakfast bowl filled with kale, berries or quinoa.  These colourful bowls packed with so-called superfoods and costing up to $18 at a cafe, may be the flavour of the month, but demand for them is being driven by people with a lot of Instagram followers but not necessarily nutritional qualifications.  If you haven’t come across a breakfast bowl before, just take a look at Instagram where more than 40,000 posts are tagged as #breakfastbowl. 

Patch’s take on Bircher muesli

I’m weighing in to the superfood debate on The Guardian today. Head on over to read the rest of the article. 

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  1. The menu is superb i would say. Found this post very helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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