Chocoholics celebrate Mork Chocolate Brew House

In a coffee obsessed city like Melbourne hot chocolate gets the short shrift.  Mork Chocolate Brew House aims to change our singular beverage focus with a cafe devoted entirely to hot chocolates.  The people behind the excellent Mork Chocolate brand have opened their own store which showcases Mork’s products in a delightfully Willy Wonka like environment. 

The campfire hot chocolate

The Mork Chocolate Brew House is in North Melbourne just across the road from coffee mecca, Auction Rooms.  But instead of a coffee machine, when you walk in here the first thing you see is two shiny chocolate taps.  The interior is Scandi chic with lots of wood panelling and lush greenery adding warmth. 

Inside the Mork Hot Chocolate Brew House
Inside the Mork Chocolate Brew House

There’s a full menu of hot chocolates on offer from those made with soy, almond milk and water.  But the hot chocolate you want to go for is one of the specialty drinks on offer.  I went for Mork Chocolate’s “campfire” hot chocolate ($8) which is about as theatrical as a drink can be.  The jug of warm hot chocolate comes served with a glass filled with beechwood flavoured smoke to give both the taste and sense of a campfire along with some dark salt which you sprinkle in and Mork’s homemade marshmallow. This has to be the best hot chocolate in town and such a fun experience as well.    

Croissant and cookie from the chocolate brew house
Croissant and cookie from the chocolate brew house

Mork Chocolate Brew House also serves a very limited food menu of a few sweet treats to accompany your hot chocolate.  I loved the fluffy croissant and giant chocolate chip cookie which was crisp but still chewy inside. 

The campfire hot chocolate from above

There’s a real sense of hospitality at the Mork Chocolate Brew House from the lovely service (the waitress didn’t blink when my daughter spilt her kids “chocolate foam” ($2) all over the high chair) to the complementary vanilla flavoured sparkling water.  

The campfire hot chocolate deconstructed

If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t) the Mork Chocolate Brew House is a dream come true.  Move over coffee, hot chocolate is cool again. 

Details: Mork Chocolate Brew House, 150 Errol street, North Melbourne (Ph 03 9328 1386) 
Damage: Reasonable. 
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