Going all paleo at Patch

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m not a paleo.  I love my carbs.  But an invitation to try out the Richmond paleo cafe Patch was too intriguing to turn down.

Patch’s take on bircher muesli

A paleo diet is sometimes called a “caveman diet” because the idea is to eat lots of meat, fruit and veg and avoiding grains, dairy, processed food and alcohol.   I’m more of a everything in moderation sort of girl than someone who restricts food groups (and I couldn’t live without chocolate, cheese and wine!) personally.


But if I was going to be paleo, Patch’s take on paleo would be the way to go.   This is paleo food served up in a bright, airy converted warehouse which is part of the redevelopment of the old Channel Nine studios in Richmond with white tiled walls and bentwood chairs painted in aqua hues.


The menu is familiar but different with some of the dishes offering a paleo alternative to classic cafe items. Like Patch’s take on bircher muesli ($17) which is made with lots of chopped nuts and fruit and some coyo to recreate the dish without dairy or grains.  The flavours are good but the texture is too crunchy, lacking the creaminess of a traditional Bircher.


The good thing about a paleo diet is that consumption of eggs and bacon is allowed and actively encouraged.  At Patch you can order a sweet potato fritter to accompany your protein hit along with a serve of grain free “Paleo toast”.  


The highlight of a meal at Patch though are the raw desserts made by the talented Jade Hwang.  The caramel slice has just the right balance of salty and sweet while Patch’s diary free take on a berry cheesecake is creamy and light.  I’m no Paleo convert but that doesn’t mean I’m not a Patch convert. 

Gourmet Chick was invited to review Patch. 

Details: Patch,1/32 Bendigo St, Richmond (Ph 03 9029 0328)
Damage: Pricey.  Paleo food doesn’t come cheaply.
Kids: There’s no kids menu but Patch has high chairs and staff were really welcoming to my two year old.  
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