Sponsored post: The pop up that wasn’t for Dr Oetker

Two weeks ago I was invited to a pop up restaurant called Scuro Ristorante.  The instructions were for MTV and me to meet at a bar in South Yarra for a drink before heading to the restaurant  for a “sensory dining” experience which would involve eating in the dark.  We were warned we couldn’t take any photographs and our mobile phones would be confiscated and we had to agree to be filmed during the experience.

Photo supplied by Dr Oetker

It all sounded rather intriguing and running into our friends Gastrology at the bar beforehand we chatted to them as we followed the group of people headed from the bar to the pop up.  The pop up was housed in a converted warehouse with whitewashed walls and tables situated at different raised levels.

Other guests subject to the same prank. Photo supplied by Dr Oetker

We sat down with a glass of wine and next thing the lights went out with our “chef” announcing we would be dining in the dark. It was time to abandon all manners along with our knives and forks and eat with our hands. The first course turned out to be antipasto with olives, cheese and asparagus on the plate.  Then came the main course – pizza. More specifically, frozen pizza with Gastrology even picking the brand – Dr Oetker. 

Other guests subject to the same prank. Photo supplied by Dr Oetker

No surprises there, but all of a sudden the lights went back on and our table of four was now in what looked like a home kitchen but filled with video cameras.  It turned out we had been eating on a platform which slowly rotated during the course of our dinner  – the platform rotated again to reveal the entire restaurant applauding. Everyone else in attendance was an actor in on the gag!

As a total pizza snob I may have picked the pizza but I really had no idea that the whole set up was an elaborate prank. This was a pop up restaurant but just for one table.  You can watch the video below to see how it all unfolded for the four groups of people they had through the “restaurant” (and you can spot me in there as well, along with MTV waving his hand in front of his face saying “It’s so dark I can’t see my hand” which was his most useful contribution of the night!).  


Well played Dr Oetker.  Well played indeed. 

This post is sponsored by Dr Oetker.  

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