Top four BBQ recipes: Sponsored by Barbeques Galore

It’s officially Spring which means its time to crank up the BBQ.  I love BBQ cooking for the fun of playing with fire outside, the great smoky flavour a BBQ gives to the food and the lack of dishes that need cleaning at the end (I’m lazy like that!).  My BBQ is a Weber Q which I bought from Barbeques Galore a few years ago now (coincidentally, this post is sponsored by Barbeques Galore).  I spent a lot of time quizzing friends and trawling the internet and decided on the Weber for its top down cooking which means you can cook anything from a simple snag to the Christmas turkey.  

BBQ Recipes 

Over the years I’ve posted quite a few BBQ recipes on Gourmet-Chick but in celebration of Spring I thought it would be handy to round up my top BBQ recipes.  Here they are:

  1. The ultimate steak sandwich 


A meal that you can eat using one hand is a good meal in my book.  That’s where the steak sandwich comes into its own.  I based my sandwich on the meaty and succulent version served at The Eagle gastro pub in Farringdon. The Eagle’s steak sandwich has been a menu staple for years thanks to its classic combination of top quality steak, sweet slow cooked onions and a crunchy roll. It’s easy enough to replicate at home.

2. Mexican grilled corn with chipolote mayo


There’s no need to queue up at Mamasita for your Mexican corn when it’s easy to make at home on your BBQ.  Corn always tastes better on the cob and it tastes even better when it is cooked on a BBQ and covered in mayonnaise. Here’s my take on Mexican corn.

3. Dukkah lamb with watermelon salad

dukkah-lamb- watermelon-salad-723x1024

This salad is made with dukkah lamb fillets simply cooked on the BBQ.  Then the olive oil comes out again for a refreshing watermelon salad with Israeli cous cous, fetta cheese and mint. A splash more oil brings the salad together and the whole thing is ready to eat in about 20 minutes.

4.  Peri Peri chicken


Hot weather calls for hot food and spring has me craving Peri Peri chicken. The secret to the chicken is in the marinade which is chock full of tiny red peri peri chillies, garlic and lashings of red wine vinegar which keeps the chicken tender and moist. The recipe is Portugese and I have happy memories of gnawing at a drumstick doused in fiery peri peri sauce at Bonjardim restaurant in Lisbon.

This post is sponsored by Barbeques Galore

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