Crompton Coffee for posh toast and caffeine

Toast is officially a thing.  Sure anyone can cook toast but toast has now reached next level with a Posh Toast cook book and Melbourne’s own toast cafe.  

Crompton Coffee is down the far end of Victoria street where the Vietnam restaurants are no longer and it’s more industrial.  It’s a cute little cafe with lots of architectural looking timber panelling and a sun trap of a courtyard to sit in.  But the thing that gives it away are the row of toasters lined up on the counter.

Pea puree with bruleed egg at Crompton Coffee
Pea puree with bruleed egg at Crompton Coffee

This is a cafe that only serves toast. Admittedly one of the toast combos includes a bacon and egg topping for those who want so see a bit of actual cooking rather than just toasting go into their breakfast but otherwise it’s just toast and toppings.

Latte time at Crompton Coffee
Latte time at Crompton Coffee

A bit ridiculous, yes, but the toast is actually pretty good. It’s thick artisan style multi-grain and I order a topping of pea puree and a “bruleed” egg ($9) which is not something I’ve ever come up with at home.  The bruleed egg is just a soft boiled egg blow torched but it looks pretty damn special and teams well with the sweetness of the puree. I even feel sort of healthy.

Banana bread at Crompton Coffee
Banana bread at Crompton Coffee

There’s also dense banana bread ($9) which is probably technically a cake but it is toasted so fits in with Crompton’s remit. It’s just banana bread but I have to admit they do it well complete with a big dollop of honey mascarpone. Coffee here is by Small Batch and my latte delivers creaminess with a caffeine hit.  I like that they serve free unlimited sparkling water as well. Suspend your sense of irony temporarily and brunch at Crompton is actually pretty delicious.

Details: Crompton Coffee, 380 Victoria St, Richmond. 
Damage: A bargain. But let’s remember this is toast we’re talking about. 
Kids: There’s a high chair and a special kids seat on the toilet. No kids menu but when your menu comprises toast essentially the whole menu is a kids menu. 
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