The typical scenario of me at a cafe is that I really seriously consider ordering the acai bowl or Bircher muesli but then I get side tracked by whatever bacon laden lovely thing is on the menu.  So I’ve decided maybe the way forward is occasionally eating at places where they don’t have any of the oh-so-delicious-but-not-very-good-for-you dishes. Yes that is the extent of my health regime!

Wild greens at Mastic
Roasted mushrooms at Mastic

Everything on the menu is virtuous at George Calombaris’ Mastic in Kew.  Hell, the cafe even has a mantra “we live to eat, note eat to live”.  The space is fitted out like a gym with seating at what looks like repurposed ping pong tables.  It’s kitsch but fun.  

Inside Mastic: the vibe is a little bit high school gym
Inside Mastic: the vibe is high school gym

We order slow roasted, meaty mushrooms ($18) served with runny poached eggs and some crumbled feta.  It’s a little bit Greek but mainly just simple ingredients cooked with care.

Wild greens with fried eggs at Mastic
Wild greens with fried eggs at Mastic

Forget the green smoothie, at Mastic you can have wild greens ($16) tossed with grains and nuts in olive oil.  Topped with a fried egg I’m too busy enjoying it to think about the health benefits but I’m sure it is good for me.  

Coffee time at Mastic
Coffee time at Mastic

Don’t worry despite the healthy slant here you can still order your coffee as you like it complete with milk and sugar.  Coffee is by Will & Co and is smooth and robust.  Prices are not steep given the dishes don’t include meat but hey, what price do you put on your health? I’m prepared to cough up at least occasionally.

Details: Mastic, 26 Cotham Road, Kew (Ph 03 9207 7477)
Damage: Pricey.
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