Succumbing to Freak Shakes at Naughty Boy

I finally succumbed. I caved and ordered one of those crazy milkshakes piled with sweet toppings known as freak shakes after seeing them plastered all over the interwebs for months now.   I can only compare my attitude to freak shakes to my adoption of emojis. Firstly I laughed at emojis and secretly pitied people who used them. Then I tried emojis once or twice and found them pretty fun and now I am addicted to emoji.  Remind me never to try heroin. 

The salted caramel freak shake at Naughty Boy

Back to the freak shakes.  There are a whole host of cafes serving these things up and let’s just say it’s illegal to order a freak shake and not photograph it so it’s pretty easy to track down exactly which cafes serve them. I headed to Naughty Boy in Carlton which has pretty photogenic freak shakes from my internet stalking of this subject matter.

Inside Naughty Boy
Inside Naughty Boy

When I was a student I lived right around the corner from Naughty Boy and it was probably good for my poor student bank balance that it didn’t exist then because putting freak shakes aside the Naughty Boy menu is pretty tempting. There’s cafe classics like smashed avo on toast but also more creative dishes like Red Velvet pancakes ($17.90) and eggs with pumpkin and eggplant ($19).


I went for the haloumi, bacon and egg bun.  This is a real breakfast heart starter and I loved how the bacon was thick cut and almost caramalised.  What’s not to love about haloumi? Fried cheese you have my heart.  All that savoury worked well on a slightly sweet brioche style bun and it’s a bargain brekky as well at $13.90. 

Coffee at Naughty Boy
Coffee at Naughty Boy

The coffee is by Allpress and is silky and smooth but the drink to order at Naughty Boy is the freak shake.  There are a few flavours on offer and I opted for the salted caramel version ($12) hoping it wouldn’t be too super sweet.  The drink looks spectacular with a huge cloud of fairy floss on top. Shards of caramel and nut decorated the edges and inside balls of sticky date rice pudding floated inside the slightly salty very caramel flavoured milk.  There was a good balance between the salty and the sweet and if you treat this as a dessert rather than a drink it’s not quite so ridiculous.  Perhaps I exaggerated when I said I’m addicted to freak shakes but I am an occasional convert.

Details: Naughty Boy Cafe, 499-501 Lygon St, Carlton 
Damage: Reasonable
Kids: Very accomodating. Naughty Boy has a kids menu, high chairs and brings out a colouring sheet and pencils for kids.
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  1. You’ve just set the milkshake goals for me, Wardy, James and Tom for summer 15/16!

  2. #NextLevel milkshakes – the challenge is on

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